Making Monzo Better - Emergency interface

(Eve) #21

It looks great, I really like it! I think the others have mentioned the bottom looking a little cluttered already, I’d love to see more white space between the lines. At the moment it looks very busy despite not having much displayed at the bottom. Other than that it looks like a great mockup, hopefully the web interface will adopt the good points from you later!

(Simon Porter) #22

What is the difference between frozen and blocked?

Will there be a way to chat with support?

(Ben Baker) #23

I’d Imagine, Blocked would be permanent (requiring a new card) and frozen would be temporary so if you find your card down the side of the sofa you could unfreeze it.

(Simon Porter) #24

I bring it up because the Monzo app doesn’t have this distinction.


I would have thought blocked is something Monzo does to avoid fraud and maybe permanent like @Bbmoney said.

(Ben Baker) #26

This has been a great learning experience guys thank you :pray:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #27

I suspect that blocking is something your bank might do for various reasons (to do with suspected fraud, maybe). I’ve had a credit card blocked (and then unblocked) in the past.

Freezing is something that you can do (maybe if you mislay your card, but haven’t decided it’s lost/stolen yet).

(Richard Cook) #28

If you’re interested in what our current designs are…


It’s a good start for online banking

(Ben Baker) #30

This is really cool to see what the design team at monzo envisioned… any feedback on my above design would be appreciated Richard.

(Jai Sullivan) #31

Hey @cookywook :wave:t4:

Any idea when we are going to see perhaps a public beta for the emergency web interface? I know this is currently being tested internally — really keen to get involved and provide feedback!

(Richard Cook) #32

We don’t have a public beta planned for this one. But we’re planning on launching it very soon (don’t want to say when just yet, as it’s moved a few times).

(Dan) #33

(Jai Sullivan) #34

Good find! Thanks for that :monzo:

(Jai Sullivan) #36

I missed the live stream, was any more information given regarding the web interface? :computer:

(Thomas Horne) #37

Monzo Web will be a progressive web app (meaning it will work on phone browsers too) it will use the same process to login as the app and include the last 50 card transactions or up to the last two months of transactions. You can also freeze your card and get in touch with customer support.

Also mentioned was that it will be released really, really soon.

(Jai Sullivan) #38

Good news :tada: Even though I am already full Monzo, the lack of a basic ‘back up’ is the only thing that makes me jittery on times — the likelihood of having to use it is slim, but great to have the option there to freeze your card and see recent transactions etc.