Making Monzo a better current account

I get paid monthly but I budget weekly to spread my spending evenly throughout the month. I’d like to see weekly budgeting as an option even for those who get paid monthly so that I can have my budget reset each Monday. This would take into account any bills for that month. Preferably include an option for whether it should be an even amount each week or if it should build up if money was unspent last week. I prefer even amounts so that any unspent money can be saved.

While I’m here, I’d also like to see the option to sweep any remaining money left by next pay day into a pot automatically.

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I’d like the Spending in Joint Accounts to be able to account for the fact that we both get paid on different days and that we’re not going to be skint before the end of the month because the Mrs. hasn’t been paid yet.

I’m not a fan of linking Committed Spend with the other budget because we have our Car Payments go out which is classed as Transport and I currently used the ‘non-committed’ spending to keep track on how much we’ve spent on Fuel. If they’re lumped together then I will no longer be able to do this. Perhaps if this could be expanded out to include #tags then it might work. Having Pots might also help.


That’s the plan, Sebastian!


There are quite a few bits of the app that don’t account for a 4in screen (try sending an international transfer with a long payee name :grimacing:) which is a pain.

I don’t know if it’s stated anywhere but I assume that SE/5/5S specific issues aren’t taken on unless they’re trivial to fix. Especially since the phones have been discontinued by Apple.


I still don’t get why you can’t use Summary for this, unless you are trying to keep future known card spend out of it?

Brilliant idea…love the way monzo keep improving on their bank. If only other crappy banks could take note and improve their own house. *I know many people who are happy with old school banks, and all company’s need to better themselves! But at 52 I’ve had enough of these high street merchants, so I hope Monzo give the banking system a huge kick up it’s arse.

  • Just my 5 cents

Looking forward to these changes. Elements of the app have become frustrating - for me particularly around ‘Summary’ - so I’m really pleased there is some focus being made on this. Summary is something that I want to use daily, but I basically ignore it because I don’t trust it.


Please just copy Starling’s payee management and allow us to label Standing Orders.


Please please please bring back summary by merchant when looking at monthly spend. Or at least give the option. This used to be the case. I was able to see straight away how much I had spend on uber in one month for example. I have no idea why you took this away but it would be great to see it back!


Joint account pots and CASS is literally all I am waiting for.

Hope these get implemented soon!

Hi Bea,
Where are deposits? Even if I need to pay a fee (which I am willing too), this is stopping me from closing my other accounts (which I really want to do).

I’m surprised this has been moved until 2019…

I’d rather keep my legacy accounts open than pay a fee for depositing money into my Monzo account


One addition I’d love to see is a ‘per-day’ calculation on the summary screen. Just (left to spend / days until payday)


I’m hoping the pay frequencies can be set to weekly/four weekly sooner rather than later. It’s so annoying that the summary is never accurate for me :frowning:


Shame to not see custom images for pots on the list, a well requested feature.

I just opened a Starling account (to deposit cash through Natwest and then transfer to my Monzo account as I can’t do it on Monzo just yet and it’s my only account), and had a quick look through their app and Starling let you add a photo to your saving goal. It’s a massive tick in their box!


Made an international transfer yesterday and realised it’s a bit pants. Transferred my sister money in Holland, then had to transfer her some more… Payee hasn’t been saved anywhere, IBAN didn’t show in transaction on feed for me copy and paste when making a new payment and I couldn’t add any notes to the transaction. So much inconsistency in the app. A consistency cleanse is needed!


That’s the way Monzo goes. They’ll release a feature which barely works, and then come back at some time in the future to fix it. It’ll probably work fine one day, but that day isn’t here yet.

It’s a strategy they seem happy with, but, for me, is just another reason to wait till Monzo are ready for me to go #FullMonzo


Monzo needs a screen with a list of all payees who have been set up in the past arranged alphabetically.

Isn’t this elementary? Certainly every other online system I’ve ever used has such a list.

No need to go searching in recent transactions, no need to start entering references. Just scroll down the alphabetical list and click on the required payee.


Yes! This would be so useful, rather than having to drill down per category. Have both a category and merchant view to switch between.


Definitely, we need this Monzo!