Making Monzo a better current account

(Stuart) #57

You guys are great. Loving all the updates - it’s great to see the awesome features you’re working on, and the engagement with the community. Keep it up!

(LJ) #58

My husband and I just signed up for the joint account but I just realised from your blog that the pots feature isn’t available on this yet - which was one of the main reasons we got it! So we’ll be realllllly looking forward to that being addressed!

(Chris J) #59

The earning interest on savings is something I await eagerly.
On a personal note; the reason I’m reluctant to switch to my monzo as my main account is my ‘normal’ bank account offers cashback on DD’s and some payments. I let my pay go into that account then instantly transfer it out to Monzo.


I want to be able to photograph cheques to pay them in. Also Barclaycard let you know your credit score every 60 days from experion… Loving monzo trying to use apple pay for everything don’t want companies to have my details anymore.


The big one for me is that I just found out (after nearly running out of money and checking with support via chat) that the summary doesn’t include faster payments as money you have spent. This is despite being able to categorise each one.

That made the “left to spend” amount fictitious as I didn’t actually have that money to spend anymore. If that is sorted I’ll happily go #fullMonzo :smiley:


That’s really odd. I’m sure that faster payments out are taken into account for me…

Are you setting a budget?


Just checked and faster payments are definitely taken in to account in my left to spend


This would be fantastic. Really hope this gets worked on after cash deposits. Those two are the last basic legacy features left.


Yes I have set a monthly budget.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the chat response

(AllanW) #66

Anyone else spotted the updated Sneak Peeks section? Might just be in TestFlight build. Looks good!


Someone posted some screenshots of it on slack. Let me see if i can find!


(Mark Dunne) #68

I wonder if that will allow users to select a custom pay frequency, like weekly/four weekly etc?

(Tom) #69

It’s in the work’s apparently.


The “resets every” option at the top of the second screenshot looks like it will allow that.

(Kolok) #71

Been waiting for this , I get paid weekly so this is great.


Further request, sorry couldn’t figure out where to ask.
When making a payment why can’t the current balance of the account (and maybe available funds) be shown on the payment screen?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #73

Nice idea, that :grin:

(Sacha Zarb) #74

So the more I’ve used Monzo as a current account, the more useless I’m finding pulse, it needs a massive refresh.

As someone put elsewhere, having markers on the graph in the future for DD and committed spend would be great, just feels a bit of a waste of space at the top at the moment


I believe Pulse is getting an overhaul completely (I can’t find the reference, but I seem to recall someone from Monzo admitting that it had fallen behind, and could be removed).

The issue with DD and committed spend is that it is also reliant on knowing your salary.

This wouldn’t work for the 100’s of thousands (millions?) of jobs that are commission based, or for the people who receive a different income each month.

I think someone needs to really reinvent that space at the top, rather than trying to get pulse to work for the masses.

(Jolin) #76

Hugo discussed it here: