How to manage your bills with Monzo

Our goal is to make Monzo amazing to use as your main account. We already do a few things to make it easy to manage your bills, so we thought we’d break them down in a short guide here :point_down:

If you have more ideas for how we can improve the way you manage your bills through Monzo, share them with us here :slight_smile:


Hopefully this post will help people understand how to let summary do the work for them :slight_smile:

I mentioned this elsewhere but it would be really useful to amend the details in the committed spend or predicted amounts for DD. Sometimes bills fluctuate a little and I normally know about this early on but have to rely on summary showing an incorrect amount.


The thing stopping me from going #fullmonzo is not being able to see when I open the app exactly how much money I have to play with each month. My ideal would be to have a pot set up called Bills and assign all my regular payments to come from this pot. Then my wages can be paid in…automatically transfer the amount I set aside for bills and just leave ‘spending’ money in my main balance…I could do it the other way round using an IFTTT applet (spending money into pot and then have IFTTT withdraw whatever I spend on my card and put back into main balance), but that means a couple of extra clicks to see my actual spending balance…unless I use Emma to view my pots rather than the main app…hmmmmm maybe that’ll work!


Does Summary not work this out for you by marking your bills etc as committed spending?
You can also set your payday to make it more accurate. If it’s setup right it reduced the need to use pots.

Hopefully there will be progress on bills from pots soon,


It does I guess, but I like to have everything on my home screen rather than having to click through to Summary (it’s a little thing I know!). Additionally I struggle a bit with summary as I often pop a few pound here and there in from eBay sales etc which seems to screw it up?

Maybe I am overcomplicating things!

Yeah the summary is great but it would be good to have a ‘safe to spend’ balance on the main screen somehow if I was to leave all money in the account instead of pots.


If direct debits and scheduled payments could be taken from a ‘Bills Pot’ and Monzo automatically took all that committed spending as soon as you salary is paid in, then all your left with would be your disposable income. Using the salary payment as a trigger for moving money would be amazing! Then once setup, you can truly forget about bills because you would never even see the money in your main balance!


Generally if I get extra money come into my account that’s a plus! It should increase your left to spend?

I still find summary lacking, it never seems to predict things very well for me though I’m wondering if that’s due to my current use of pots.

I roughly spend about £260 on petrol a month, filling up about once a week, but I can’t add this as a committed spend as it’s never a set day every week. So each payday I move (now done automatically) £260 into a pot to guarantee this money is not spent, but also so I can easily see my “disposable cash” throughout the month. I have IFTTT set up to move the money out of the pot when I visit the petrol station.

It’s then frustrating that Summary is constantly telling me I’m going to run out of money (I’m assuming it includes this £260 when working out my average daily spend) and the OCD in me hates that I’m always faced with the orange bar of shame when checking my balance.

Is there a way around this? Am I simply doing things in a backwards way?

I would also like to echo the “let me set aside money in a pot for all my bills” mantra. Summary doesn’t change my home screen balance, and that’s the balance that’s everywhere and is the one I work to.

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Summary is half baked and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of improvements coming.

Still having Summary not understand when I pay for things and then people pay me back (it thinks I’ve personally spent £X when it’s, say, 1/3 of that).

Until that gets fixed I can’t really trust it.

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I said this on another thread, but for summary to work for me it needs to have an option for total income minus committed spending as opposed to total balance minus committed spending.

Alternatively it needs to have an option for “including your committed spending what is the most you want to spend”

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Agreed! (Though maybe not using the phrase “safe to spend:policeman: :scream:)

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Summary doesn’t seem to work at all well for me. My salary goes in and all the bills for the month are paid within a couple of days of that, on but never before 25th. I’ll then have a balance that will remain largely static until next payday, with no other scheduled payments that month that will come close to wiping out the balance but the summary, seems to think I’ll spend a daily average of my total front loaded bills each day and tell me I might run out of money until that average * days comes under the balance. Not a problem as I know what I spend but still seems ‘dumb’.

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Summary works perfectly for my needs, which is why I went #FullMonzo this month.

Perhaps I just use or read/interpret it different to others.

When I look at my list of Subscriptions and Direct Debits in the Payments tab, I’d like to be able to remind myself at a glance (i.e. whithout tapping on each entry) which scheduled payments are Direct Debits and which are subscriptions.

Perhaps each entry in the list could have a symbol or some additional text to provide this info.

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It’s not perfect for me. My pay day is the third Thursday of every month so I find myself having to reset payday each month. Looking forward to improvements in this area soon.


Yeah, I’m paid 4-weekly, so Summary is useless to me. On the plus side, I get paid twice in August!


I have not yet gone #FullMonzo for a few reasons. I get paid 4 weekly but most of my fixed spending is monthly direct debits. For smooth money management I need to:

  1. Set a fixed amount of my salary to go into a “Bills” pot when the salary comes in
  2. set Direct Debits to be paid out of the “Bills” pot

Feels like we are nearly there but not quite yet.