Making average spending useful

Hi guys,
I would like to start a discussion about the average spend statistics in the app. I don’t think that they are very useful or meaningful at the moment.

Consider this example from my Mondo account.

Here Tesco made two £2 checks on my account when I was doing my shopping online.

My average spend at this point should be £56.44, but actually it’s been dragged down to a meaningless number (about £20) because of these card checks.

Furthermore, it says I’ve made 3 visits to the retailer, when I have only made 1.

Is it possible to identify these card checks and exclude them from the average calculations and visit counts? If not, perhaps provide the user with a way to exclude transactions manually?



That’s spot on. Thanks a lot for sharing it :slight_smile:

We’ll rebuild the search flows :soon: . We’ll redesign the stats/graph (right now are a bit broken) and we’ll try to get rid of all those checks too.

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Perfect! I was just about to mention the issue! You need to ignore those “check expenses” when computing the averages.

Hi Mondo Peeps,

Have you considered (and is it even possible) to provide for each user, say 10, self determined categories of spend?

Could you then after each purchase assign the cost to the preferred code?