Spending tab and upcoming charges

(Stiven Skyrah) #1

I really like the spending tab in the app but it’s Pretty useless to me as I currently purchase most things using a credit card and then have it paid off in full every month from my Monzo account.

I wonder if there could be a way that after a certain amount of direct debit’s have been paid the Monzo could infer how much the average bill is. From that inferred amount automatically deduct it from the spending tab while somehow differentiating it from real known expenses.

I.e £2345 left to spend before your credit card bill goes out,

average credit card bill £1234

If you spent your average amount you will have £1111.

Even better would be somehow linking my credit card up to my monzo so it knows beforehand how much my bill will be (a bit like how linking up with nectar etc will work)

(Ben Talbot) #2

Yeah, Amex linking has been suggested and would make Monzo a killer app for looking at how much you have to spend this month and how much month you have left. I really hope they manage to partner up and make it a possibility

(Peter Roberts) #3

Have you tried using apps like Yolt or Emma? They let me see spending and budget across all my bank accounts - including Monzo!

(Ben Talbot) #4

Only problem with that is it doesn’t have a way of showing you what proportion you could’ve used of your income until your next pay date, otherwise they’re great

(Peter Roberts) #5

Both have payday driven functionality now :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ben Talbot) #6