Make it clear which account the limit raise applies to

Just had a really frustrating conversation with support around the raising of my card limit for a car purchase next week. The process does not indicate which account it applies to, nor allows you to choose. Support seem confused also.

The process of raising limits should clearly identify the account this applies to.


Hmm. They do say you need to do it from the account you wish the increase the limits on, which makes sense to me.

But yes, maybe a simpler flow to choose which account would be better.




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I had exactly the same situation a few months ago which totally buggered up the new limit increase flow. They ask for a reason, I explained funds were being moved onto joint account to make the purchase, they refused the limit increase because I’d selected “Personal account”. Had a real to-and-fro on chat, and I actually suggested wording changes to make it cleared to both customers and staff. Looks like that was completely ignored.

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