Better system for managing limits

I got in touch with Monzo today to raise my limit to accommodate a £20k payment I was planning to make as a mortgage over-payment. They asked for the method of payment, amount and date along with a selfie with photo ID - all fine.

After I made the payment I realised that my daily card limit was now £0 as I had obviously used my new limit. I got back in touch with support to raise my limit back up to the regular daily limit (£1,000 I think?) but they said they could not raise the limit more than once a day.

This is quite poor, at the minimum there should be a prompt to customers to ask for the limit to be the desired amount ADDED to your daily limit. Better would be a more intuitive system to manage limits in general without going through support (I waited over three hours for a response).

I’ll now just have to pay with magic beans for the rest of the day should I need to actually use my card.

That doesn’t sound great. Can you transfer some funds to your joint account to use that, as a work around?

The payment was made from my joint account.

Then the other way :slight_smile:

I could, but that’s not very Monzo is it? I also don’t carry that card ever and I am at work.

Oh I don’t doubt that, just trying to help.
Can you add your personal account to apple/google pay without the card from the app?

I could and that’s what I guess I’ll have to do should I need to use my card but that’s not the point of this, it it to recognise a glaring legacy-like part of Monzo that is well overdue for modernisation. This must happen every single day with how many customers they have now.




Like a fool, just tried to pay for my daughter’s wraparound care (only this card is set up) and I can’t.

My money, not sorted.

Seems like this could be easily fixed by including a sentence reminding people that they need to take into account the amount they’ll spend during the rest of the day when temporarily raising their limits.

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