Daily Limits ACROSS joint and personal accounts?

Seems that the daily limits (which are ridiculously stringent) work across joint and personal accounts.
I’ve been trying to manage my finances by closing various accounts and consolidating with Monzo - mistake, I’m now thinking.

To pay my ISA allowance I’ve had my daily limit increased and specified how much I wanted to transfer. OK. A bit annoying but OK.

I used my personal Monzo to keep it simple.

But I’ve just tried to spend with my joint account and have HIT MY DAILY LIMIT! So, 2 points - (1) if you’re advising customers on how to increase their limit you MUST advise that the increase needs to be for whatever they’re transferring PLUS their daily needs. I have 3 children and no other bank account I can call on now. Very bad. Luckily it’s Sunday and I haven’t needed to pay for anything major. I’ve seen other threads on this but it clearly isn’t being addressed by your support teams.
(2) why on earth would I hit the daily limit across my joint account. My increase was for my personal account. If a customer is in the black, it’s utterly ludicrous that a withdrawal in a totally separate account should impact spending in another - is this a bug?? It needs fixing. Today I was lucky. If it were a week day this would be a major problem.

This is a very good point which has been brought up by others and should be fixed.

I think all limits are on a per-user basis, so the person you have an account with should still be able to use the joint account to buy stuff.

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Why on earth would it be per user not per account? Surely I can’t be the only person who would expect the limits to apply to the account not the user?

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Same as foreign ATM withdrawals, per customer not per account