Mac Users - Disk/Mac Cleaners

For those Mac Users out there:

  • Do you use a Mac/Disk Cleaner? If so why?
  • If you do, which one and how much is it?

I’ve used some free ones and trial ones - but nervous about putting down the cost of an annual subscription without some honest views- Seems CleanMyMac X is the one that gets thrown around the most (I’ve used the free version but can’t get much out of it without paying).

I use CleanMyMac - I feel it’s the best all rounder and lets you either do a general sweep but also gives you options if you want to get a bit deeper into the system.

Looks great and the uninstaller is brilliant


Gary at is my go to for any Apple queries I have.

I’ve been watching his YouTube videos since Snow Leopard came out, whenever that was.

I’m fairly adept (I think) at clearing out my MacBook from time to time, but I’m always amazed when I see that crica 45-50GB of my SSD is “system files” and there is no way to decrease this - but when I used a CleanMyMac scan it says it can get rid of 8-10GBs (but because I have the free version I can only remove 500mb).

I try and follow the path to the folder to manually clean and its never there/ never as big as CleanMyMac claims.

I use CCleaner and something else that I will update when I get home

You should watch this;


CleanMyMac is brilliant.

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Sounds good to me. Downloading free trial. R-

1st Edit: all done - apparently reclaiming 3.5GB. And now faster. Getting Gemini 2 as well.

2d Edit: sorry to bang on but the speed of things now! :grinning::grinning::grinning: And I thought Mac’s were system designed to look after themselves.

I use CleamMyMac too. :+1:

When I used to use Macs I used Onyx -

Always worked brilliantly without any of the bloat that comes with CleanMyMac (I used that for a while too)

It’s a bit of a utilitarian interface but it works perfectly :slight_smile:

I have used macbooster for a few years now think it’s by iobit

Not checked out any others as used it on PC’s too

I don’t use anything, never really had the need. Always find these types of software a bit sketchy.


I used CleanMyMac until version X. X has some nasty always running background processes and no longer cleans universal binaries or 32 bit binaries.

CleanMyMac 3 (the previous version) doesnt have the always running processes and cleans the universal binaries, tough I don’t know if you can still get a license for it.

An alternative is Monolingual, tough it doesn’t do uninstalls

Btw, a Mac should have no more than about 10GB in system files. 50GB (!) suggests maybe a series of “dirty” (upgrade) installs of new OS versions. Hard to address with anything short of an erase and clean install