Plex users

Are there any Plex users here? I’d love to see some shared libraries. At the moment I share mine with a whole bunch of friends, but none of them have anything to share back, so Im limited to watching only the stuff I already know about.


I’m a Plex user on a Synology DS1815. I’m still building up my media library (still got over 5 shelves of DVDs to rip - and only 1 machine out of 4 with an optical drive: it’s something I’ve been working through for the last 3 years and now down to 5 shelves to do!) - just about touching 2,000 movies and just over 500 different TV shows.


I find Synology’s own Video Station better then Plex tbh

I find plex quite difficult to use, I used to love it but I just find it awkward now, I need to track down the version I was using. I have the majority of my DVDs ripped.

I love it. I used to import all my videos into iTunes and sync from there to my devices, but Plex is just a dream.

I use Bytesized to host all my media online, after I realised I was taking up about 80% of my iMac drive. I didn’t want another machine on all the time in my flat, and don’t mind paying for all my media to be hosted in the cloud. It’s also got an incredibly fast connection so if I run a torrent through Deluge, it’s usually finished with a few seconds :speedboat:


Massive Plex user here :wave:
Have about 100 TV Shows and ~400 Films. All running on a QNAP TVS-671

Can someone help with Plex.

If I have a TV show on my laptop (and its in the Plex Folder) does my laptop need to be open for me to watch that TV show on my Apple TV?


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If the server is running on your laptop then yes it does.

You can get a dedicated bit of hardware to run Plex on, or a cloud hosted provider. It’s able to run on all sorts of hardware.

I’m not too techy with “Servers” but I think my laptop is the “Server” as that where the films are locally stored.

I can play the films on my Apple TV within seconds of the film being on my laptop and there is no way a 5gb film out upload to a “cloud” that quickly.

So I think you;re right.

Yeah Plex has two parts - a server which manages your library, and your player application which can be the web/smartphone/Apple TV app etc.

As I mentioned, I use Backblaze as it hosts everything and it streams very fast. If you use BitTorrent to download stuff, it’s incredibly fast too - I can get HD files in a few seconds. It’s brilliant. But only worth it if you do want to look after a bigger library and don’t mind paying about £14 every month.

Have plex running on a WD PR4100, which is nice wee box and apparently supports hardware transcoding, but haven’t had the need yet.

Plex is ace. Love it.

Reminds me that I need to finish getting all my music onto the system.


Used to host it at home but I was deleting stuff after I watched because I kept running out of space. Now it’s on a hetzner cloud instance with GDrive for Business holding all the data. 36TB of media currently.

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How much is the cloud hosting with them to run Plex? I love Bytesized (I’m starting to sound like I’m on commission) because they also provide other apps like Deluge for managing torrents directly onto your server, and it’s very reasonable. I don’t need to faff around with Google Drive or any other hosting, it’s all packaged in one.

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I’m paying ~£16 a month (depending on exchange rate). It’s a VPS but it works a treat and I very rarely have an issue that hasn’t been solvable with my limited knowledge.
Keep being tempted by the dedicated server auctions but I’m OK at the moment, probably because most of my devices Direct Play or I’m syncing to them for later play. I’ll see what happens when I start getting 4K stuff, not doing that at the moment as I don’t have a 4K device to play them on.

I’m a plex user (just about), and want to get a dedicated server or better yet a NAS, trying to have 4k in mind, is there any hardware out there you lot recommend that can handle 1 4k file being transcoded?

Or am I confused in what I am asking, i feel confused, i tried to read through the forums, i get lost in the chitchat

You are a bold one.

As far as I can tell, 4K is still a bit of an unknown. There’s lots of talk about the passmark etc. but if your client is able to Direct Play the file (NVidia Shield seems to be the go to for 4K) then it shouldn’t be an issue.

That said, I’ve sort of ignored 4K at the moment because the only people I know with a 4K TV, have shit bandwidth so I can’t test it.

So I’m a recent and avid Plex user. So far it is much better than the other options out there in terms of quality and automation that I want. Kodi, while good is far much more hassle than its worth.

I have a few 4K movies to chip in to the conversation, I also don’t have a 4K TV but they do transcode fine from 4K HEVC to 1080p H264 for playing on my Xbox One with no troubles, Server has an i5 6600 in so not an majorly powerful cpu.

Might be worth me giving it a whirl on mine, see what happens.

Also very interested in the cloud options. Are they okay with people hosting essentially pirated material? If so then this is something i’d consider as I’m not comfortable leaving my main gaming PC on 24/7