Highly Performant and Over-Complex Home Document Systems 🗂️

In homage to @bee’s latest hobby…

… I thought I’d start a separate topic on it. Mostly because I’ve taken inspiration, am giving it a go but have questions!

So… I’ve installed Paperless-ngx using Docker on my Mac. All is working well, I have my papers documents stored on the local drive rather than in the container, which means that I can sync them with Google Drive. But the import of new documents from a folder has gone funky. It only seems to work when you restart the virtual machine.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and I’m loving this, btw. :hot_coral_heart:

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This does sound amazing, I’m contemplating running it too.

Zero clue about docker. Never used it. This can only end well…


Have you waited say 10 mins? And does it work first time around?

Also, if you put a document into the folder which is already consumed (so a duplicate) it will not touch the file so it’ll just sit there and be a little ugly (you have to manually delete those…)

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Me neither. It was a bit hairy in places - I recommend a test run or two before going live in anger!

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Portainer is a "GUI’ for Docker I believe:

It never worked for me and I don’t really need it, but I know a lot of people love it (Synology also has their own version if you get a Synology NAS I think)

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I’ve waited 24 hours! If I leave the same docs in the folder they’ll get picked up when I stop and start Docker.

From a quick google, it’s looking like the folder monitoring service isn’t working for some reason, and the solution seemed to be to add a line to docker-compose.env (PAPERLESS_CONSUMER_POLLING=5) but that doesn’t seem to work either.

This is the missing part of the puzzle so I can invest in a scanner and go #FullPaperless

(Saying that, I also need to get email working and fix the slightly dodgy correspondent matches that are going on right now…)

I would look at the logs at /log and look for anything related to “consume” :thinking:

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EMERGENCY :astonished:

My emails have stopped syncing :cry: (since 023-02-25 13:03:30,457 per the logs)

Looks like this calls for me to both fix it, write some over-engineered code to alert me if it breaks and append it to my blog :imp:


For when everything is fixed (and highly performant once again), what do you grab from emails? Keen to see how others have got things like utility bills and invoices (especially Amazon) set up.

Memories I want to keep, confirmation email (you set your pension to x% etc), shipping emails (product X is on its way to you), updates like “vanguard took our fee from ur balance” etc.

Anything that at some point in the future may be useful to me (for tax reasons, to prove something was shipped out to me, etc) I keep :smiley:

Update: It magically worked.

I have more documents in consume. It appears that Paperless has put them into a queue to consume, but isn’t actually consuming them.

I think it’s just especially slow right now :thinking:

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Sneak peak at what I’m doing right now. I love Paperless but trying to work out what document has my national insurance number is annoying, and the search is quite bad when it comes to just searching general terms like “what is my national insurance number?”

Normally you’d solve this with something like ElasticSearch:

But that’s not over-kill now is it. So I thought I’d build my own version of ChatGPT :smiley: