Luxury Watch owners: what do you wear/motivation to buy?

Ah, that’s good to know. Thanks. I’m learning as I see things I like.

Currently my daily is blue one of these:

I’ve got a Breitling Colt Chronometre that I have had for 5 years now. It feels bomb-proof, looks fantastic still and I’ve only needed to have it interim serviced twice (unfortunately it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery).

Can’t recommend the brand enough - the servicing has always been top notch and i’m currently saving up for a full service (its about time it is shown some extra TLC).

Overall it has gone up in value as well, so its even a investment. Absolutely in love with it still.

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Just a thought and something to consider. Quartz’s tend to tick-tock, while mechanicals do not. With your current watch having a mechanical movement. How do you feel about the Quartz tick-tock?

Another thing that winds up people about Quartz is when the the ticking seconds don’t land on the markers :see_no_evil:

The ticking doesn’t worry me. The second hand thing really does though. I’ve bought and returned a watch in the past for that reason. Wasn’t a particularly expensive piece though, so assumed that issue may lessen depending price point/manufacturer. Am I wrong?

Not necessarily, depends on how much value the manufacturer ( and their customers ) place on things like this.

I am interested in

Quite like the design, does anyone have a watch from them or have any feedback on it?

I have a Breitling Navitimer World. I don’t really wear it as I wear an Apple Watch. I bring it out occasionally when I go out for a nice meal or to a wedding or something. It’s nice to have to wear on special occasions.

Seiko Astron. Solar powered with GPS, so never needs charging, new battery, or manually re-setting, but you do have to tell it to check which time zone you have moved to - it’s not fully automatic. Great watch - treated myself when I got stuck on Joburg airport for six hours on the way back from honeymoon. Only gripe is that the chronograph occasionally slips slightly, so you have to readjust it back to the middle of the 12.


Same here! Got it for my 21st from my parents and have worn it pretty much every day for a decade. Still looks great and is basically indestructible. Had it serviced about five years ago for about £200 and it came back looking like brand new.

Mine is the one with the smaller face which you can’t get anymore which I am informed has raised its resale value :money_mouth_face: (not that I’d consider selling it).


They are gorgeous pieces. Love it

I think you’ve converted me - the watch is beautiful!

Wish I could compromise on the California Dial and Bauhaus design :’( Are there any brands that do something similar but with a IWC/Rolex/Omega type design? That bracelet, the thinness of the dial and the clear back are to die for. Thanks!