The Watch Thread ⌚

Continuing the discussion from Apple Watch Ultra:

A thread about watches, and stuff. I’ll start.

I’ve had loads over the years, and for quite some time just an Apple Watch. But recently I’ve started to wear my analogue one more (not with the watch as here, just cba taking one of the two separately)


This seiko one was bought just before lockdown one night in Costa Adeje while on Holiday. I was a little worried it would be a fake one, you hear some stories, but it’s not missed a beat once in over five years and is still on the same battery it was when I got it.

Unlike the Series 4, which can’t even manage to make it through half a day now without dying. Meh


Thank you for the thread. Will post pics of my watches later once home.

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My current daily driver

My old Seiko collection, couple are missing that I don’t have pics of and a rogue Smiths Everest.

I’m finally down to a one watch collection. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Found the images so added them!


That Tudor is gorgeous!

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Thank you!

Tissot PRX 80 is my current daily wear.

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I keep having to stop myself ordering the 35mm automatic version. :eyes:

A simple classic…


Don’t stop yourself, its great!

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I might be able to justify it at Christmas. :laughing:

This is my current watch rotation. Featuring my Tissot PRX 80, the ever reliable Casio F-91W on a very durable and comfortable NATO strap, two Chinese air force watches and a one handed Belarusian watch which always catches eyes.


My two wrist watches, also have a pocket watch my grandad left me not pictured. I love my Apple Watch but if I needed money in the morning would sell it without a thought, other two never to be sold, hopefully handed down to my three sons.