Lots of wasted space on pot transfer screen

On the pot transfer screen, there’s a lot of wasted screen space, forcing you to scroll down to reach the submit button which is obscured by the keyboard.


Can’t you just make the view take half a screen as to leave enough space for the submit button to be visible even when the keyboard is open without requiring to scroll down?

Also how about displaying the keyboard immediately, like on the enter PIN screen? At the moment I need to manually tap the amount to get the keyboard (which is not intuitive at all and a lot of users don’t know about this and end up asking here).

Currently the flow is pretty horrible. Tap deposit/withdraw on a pot, get the transfer view but it’s unusable yet as you don’t have a keyboard to type the amount. Tap on the amount, wait 0.5 seconds for the keyboard to appear and the view to scroll down a tiny bit. Now you can type the amount but you then need to scroll manually again just to be able to reach the submit button.

Can we get this improved? :heart:


8:06 and your battery is nearly dead. I can’t tolerate this. Horrific.


This is the real issue.


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The right place for the Submit/Save button IMO would be next to Add/Withdraw. Basically on the extreme right, just like Cancel is on the extreme left. Half a second lag for keyboard is horrible.Unless your phone is old.

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Worth noting that this seems to only be an IOS issue. On Android by default there is no keyboard.

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No keyboard by default either, you have to click the amount to bring up the keyboard. This is also one of my complaints - the keyboard should be there by default.

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On Android:


I agree, too much space wasted and I don’t like scrolling up and down

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I agree - it’s not even obvious from the UI that you can scroll down after typing in the amount to submit.


I swear the PIN entry screens on Android sometimes differ.

Some bring up the keyboard automatically, some don’t. Sometimes the text is centered, sometimes it’s aligned left. Sometimes the ‘body’ of information is centered correctly between keyboard and top of screen, sometimes it’s pushed to the very top (differing margins). Sometimes the Submit buttons move up with keyboard, sometimes they get hidden by the keyboard.

Annoyingly inconsistent * eye twitch * :grin:

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I agree. Adding the submit button to the extreme top/right opposite the cancel button would improve both the visual and the use.

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I agree. It’s really awkward to tape somewhere to get rid of the keyboard then have to scroll down to get the submit button