[Android] Keyboard issue when moving money to pot

(Chris Owen) #1

When changing the amount of money to send to a pot the keyboard glitches out.

Details to reproduce:

  • Move to Account Screen
  • Add money to account
  • Change the amount in the EditText field

This has been happening for a few months. I feel like its something device dependent since it only started happening when I moved from my old Samsung to this new phone.

OS: 9.0
Device: Huawei Honor 10
App Version: 2.33.0


(Splodf) #2

Annoying this one.

I find I have to type the number two to three times every time to make sure it’s correct.

It’s worse when you’re moving less then a quid to manually roundup a balance.

(Sam) #3

Starting to get annoying this “feature”. Seems completely keyboard agnostic too.

(Splodf) #4

Maybe another one that could be solved by having an in app keypad?

(Sim) #5

I see this whenever I send money, not just adding to a pot.
Also with Huawei phone.

(Richard) #6

Would having a different keyboard installed resolve the issue? Something like SwiftKey?


This happens to me also, very annoying indeed.
I’ve got aHuawei Mate 10 Pro with SwiftKey Keyboard

(Lyndsey Sharpe) #8

Same issue here on Huawei P Smart. It’s really annoying, it’s been doing this around 3 months now. I’m on the latest version, keep upgrading to see if it’s getting fixed but nothing. It’s a shame as I absolutely love this app, just this feature is really getting on my nerves now!

(Rebecca Quinlan) #9

Same here, this drives me crazy.
Using Huawei Mate 20 Pro, this happens with both the SwiftKey Keyboard and the native keyboard!