[Android] Keyboard issue when moving money to pot

When changing the amount of money to send to a pot the keyboard glitches out.

Details to reproduce:

  • Move to Account Screen
  • Add money to account
  • Change the amount in the EditText field

This has been happening for a few months. I feel like its something device dependent since it only started happening when I moved from my old Samsung to this new phone.

OS: 9.0
Device: Huawei Honor 10
App Version: 2.33.0



Annoying this one.

I find I have to type the number two to three times every time to make sure it’s correct.

It’s worse when you’re moving less then a quid to manually roundup a balance.

Starting to get annoying this “feature”. Seems completely keyboard agnostic too.

Maybe another one that could be solved by having an in app keypad?


I see this whenever I send money, not just adding to a pot.
Also with Huawei phone.

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Would having a different keyboard installed resolve the issue? Something like SwiftKey?

This happens to me also, very annoying indeed.
I’ve got aHuawei Mate 10 Pro with SwiftKey Keyboard

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Same issue here on Huawei P Smart. It’s really annoying, it’s been doing this around 3 months now. I’m on the latest version, keep upgrading to see if it’s getting fixed but nothing. It’s a shame as I absolutely love this app, just this feature is really getting on my nerves now!

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Same here, this drives me crazy.
Using Huawei Mate 20 Pro, this happens with both the SwiftKey Keyboard and the native keyboard!


Same issue on Samsung S9 with the default Samsung Keyboard, version 2.40.2 of Monzo app

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Happens to me, glad I’m not the only one…

PLEASE FIX! :smiley:

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This happens to me too on the Huawei P20 Pro. Glad I’m not the only one!

It’s now June and the bug is still persisting. Could we please get a Monzo Employee to at least confirm that this is a known issue and that it’s on the roadmap?


I don’t think they give two hoots about bugs anymore. They’ve got the US of A to worry about.

I’m sure they do care, but, with apologies to Jack:

“Forget it, mate. It’s Android.”

There’s tons of keyboards out there. The easiest solution to the trouble is probably going to be ‘the user who experiences difficulty tries using a different keyboard’.

On the one hand, less than ideal. On the other hand, understandable.

(And before anyone throws bricks at me, I’m an Android user myself! And though I prefer it to iOS myself, I’m not blind to the difference that an OS being far less regimented can make. More choice from Android inevitably means more potential issues.)

It happens on all keyboards I’ve tried.

Same here on Honor 8x.

I’m just gonna weigh in here and say that I’ve had this problem for months, both on my old Samsung S7 with both the default keyboard and google keyboard, and on my current P20 Pro with switftkey and google keyboard.

Currently getting this on my P20 Pro as well using Swiftkey

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I’m also getting this bug on my Huawei P20 (not pro).
I have the keyboard height set to Mid-Short if that helps. Just using google’s standard gboard.

Would be lovely to see this fixed, I’d hate to deposit the wrong amount into a locked pot . I’ve only just created my Monzo account with the intention of having it become my main current account in the near future, but this was a bit of a pain to see as one of my first interactions with the app.

Anyone following this thread, please remember to upvote it!

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