Hidden info on transfer to pot

Issue: When transferring money to a pot the screen has the input field at the bottom for the amount. When you tap this to edit, the keyboard comes up and covers it. You can’t scroll the screen. This means you can’t see the amount you are entering.

Details to reproduce: Select a pot and transfer money in.
OS: Android 12
Device: Pixel 5
App Version: 4.5.1


Works fine for me on iOS

Is that the stock keyboard?

It’s the stock Google Keyboard.
Android only issue then?

Works fine for me on my S21 Ultra.

Perhaps it’s screen height related? Also the font size looks quite large on your phone unless it’s just me?

What on earth is that pot image for?

That image? how rude! :wink:

It’s for my coin jar :rofl:

Silly me

It’s PickleRick, bro!

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I’m just going to google that

It’ll save time asking

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