Lost Monzo Card

(Michael) #1

I just wanted to share what happened. So, I was on the tube, got off at North Greenwich, hand in pocket for my travel wallet which has my Ouster and Monzo card, it was not there!! Panic I Froze the card before I got to the barrier.
Explained to tube staff I had lost my Oyster card, they let me through the barrier.
I bought a coffee with cash, sat down to gather my thoughts, ordered a new card via the app.

Kept getting notifications of card declined in McDonalds Stratford!!
Here’s the thing, my new card arrived the NEXT DAY - WOW

(Rika Raybould) #2

Now that’s the Monzo service I know and love. Thanks for sharing your story! :heart:

(Tom ) #3

Thanks for this story. Brilliant!
All of that without making a single phone call.

(Eve) #4

What I’d give to be able to see the embarrassment and frustration the thieves faced hahaha!! They probably thought they could get a free meal out of it


Brilliant! They thought they were gonna get a free all you can eat buffet but instead got humiliated. Perfect outcome :heart_eyes:

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