Close Encounter To Losing My Card!

So i went into Argos this morning to buy a NowTV Sports pass, they don’t accept contactless whatsoever in there which i thought was odd… Anyway i put my card in, paid, and then as i left the shop I double checked my wallet and thought " Sh*t i lost my card "
Went back to the kiosk and there was my bright orang/pink monzo card sticking out the machine whilst they were serving a customer…
Said to the lady serving oh i forgot my card and she said oh yeah you did…

I know we can freeze cards via the app but losing a card isn’t a nice feeling

Live and learn but it takes mistakes in life to learn the lesson i believe !

I reckon it happened because im so used to using Apple Pay


Hot coral :wink:

So glad you got your card back !!


Are you sure nobody read your card details or took picture of it? It might be a good idea to reorder your card to be on a safe side :wink:

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Was just an old couple at the desk, i literally left it there for 30 seconds so should be fine. Will keep a close eye on my account anyway.

Yep. 30 seconds wasn’t probably long enough for anything bad to happen. Elderly people don’t use smartphones and their memory isn’t good either :joy::joy:

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I ‘lost’ my card a bit back, not a nice feeling but while searching for it, around the house initially then further a files, I was so chilled as I’d froze the card straight away.
I spent the next two day searching for it, another bank and I would be going out of my mind.
Eventually I had to admit defeat and order a new card, all in app and so easy. Then an hour after that I found my card!!! :roll_eyes:
I asked to cancel the new card and was told it had already been actioned and sure enough it arrived the next day :grinning:
Apparently I can keep the new card as a spare if I every really do loose my current card. :+1:

That’s awesome! I remember a thread about a year ago where people asked if they could have a spare, for use cases such as travelling for a long period in remote places where constantly moving around.

Great to know this can be done if needed, though probably wouldn’t be advertised as the cost would be significant if everyone decided they wanted a spare!

Edit: Found it

Did you get a receipt? Where I work a receipt won’t print until the card is removed. Also, a message pops up asking the customer to remove their card and thus won’t disappear until it is removed.

I guess Argos’s POS might not do it that way or the cashier just didn’t notice the prompt.

Reminds me of the time I went to take out money from the ATM, took my card back but forgot the money. :man_shrugging:
In that case (so long as no one grabs the cash) the machine eats it back and it gets put back into your account a few days later.

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