Lost card. while waiting for replacement is the new card updated in Gpay or not

I’ve lost my standard Monzo debit card while in Canada. Has anyone had first hand experience replacing their card and if you new replacement is updated in app and/or in you Gpay wallet so that I am not completely without card while I wait to receive my replacement?


You couldn’t, then you could and now you can’t again.

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If you’re away then I think this is a good moment to consider subscribing to Plus for at least the minimum term.

You’ll be able to set up a virtual card that you can add to Google Pay and use until you get hold of a physical card again.

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Hello Jake

Last summer I lost my card in France (I definitely had not been drinking too much wine, definitely not.)

I had exactly the same issue but instead of cancelling the card, froze it instead. The GPay still works and helpfully, doesn’t require PIN so you can spend without limit for the rest of your holiday. When I got home, I simply cancelled the card through the app and the replacement came in a couple of days during a period that I knew I wouldn’t need it.

I realise it may be a little late to freeze but if it isn’t, chill that card out.


I always thought wallet cards updated to new card details automatically in most situations of replacement, and you’d only have to activate the new physical card.

It does at my current workplace.

If you’re worried about not having funds, sign up for Starling, you can add the card to Gpay without having the physical one, they still allow it