Looks like Mondo's model is being done by the big banks now too


Interesting… Yorkshire bank are doing a similar thing now (potentially):


(Joshua Turner) #2

That website is utterly useless and terribly made! I cant find anywhere on there that explains what they are going to be doing differently or new - except that I will be emailed when its released.

Say hello to ‘B’ - because plan ‘A’ failed.

It’s nice to see a existing bank trying. They need better designers though - could easily take a page, or two, from :mondo:s ‘design book’.

(Charlie) #3

The only feature on the page (“Take a swipe”) doesn’t work - oops.


lol ya… you have to click it :joy:


Found a news article about it to:

Guessing site is work in progress; but it came up on Google so there not hiding it well lol


Oh and it’s now gone live. Thoughts?



It’s certainly interesting and it’s nice to, finally, see a bank instigate the virtual savings account. Definitely a step in the right direction. However; what I can’t see is how they’re doing this from a technical point of view. Are they just putting a new face on a legacy system? If that’s all it is then it’s just a facade and nothing more.

(Andrew Ross) #8

I’m Looks interesting - not looked carefully yet but this stood out to me:

As a nice way to say hello, there is no monthly fee for B for the first year. After that you’ll pay £2 a month. Remember that other fees and charges may apply from when you open your account