Timeline and B

(Andrew Ross) #1

I’ve been looking at B https://www.youandb.co.uk which seems a similar idea to Mondo. With this been available now what sort of timescale are we looking at until Mondo become a full featured bank?

(Joshua Turner) #2

The information that has been released suggested the restricted banking licence may be approved by the end of this year - which we all hope comes true! Fully unrestricted licence is an unknown though, since it probably will vary a lot on many factors after the restricted licence has been approved. Still with a restricted licence Mondo can offer you a current account with overdraft facilities, so for most people that would be all they need to start with.

(Andrew Ross) #3

Thanks for the update @JoshuaT

(Joshua Turner) #4

Just from what I’ve read and seen on YouTube. I could be wrong though :grimacing:

(Caleb Wong) #5

Umm monthly charge after 1st year. Not that attractive.

(Dave Berry) #6

“There are all sorts of interest rates and fees for the B Current and B Instant Savings accounts.”

Wow, that’s encouraging :wink:

Think it’s defo worth waiting for the full Mondo experience!


Monese started free and then moved to charging.

(Andrew Ross) #8

B also have an overdraft charge. It will be interesting to see how this compares to Mondo’s overdraft fee and other charges. I assume they will be similar. I know they are planning to not charge initially but that could change.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

B charges Fees for using card abroad - 3.75% on cash withdrawals , and 2.75% on purchases ;-((((( - hopefully Mondo will continue with its zero fees for foreign use

(Andrew Ross) #10

I’ve just opened a B account to see what it’s like. I’ll let you know when I get my card through. :slight_smile:

(Joshua Turner) #11

This is a cool interface for getting you to save towards something. I defiantly think @hugo should have a look at what Mondo could do.

(Andrew Ross) #12

Opening an account was easy - I’ve just set up the ‘switch’ for my account. This in theory seems a painless way to change accounts… I let you know if it works!


Hopefully this will be something Mondo offer!

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #13

I’ve signed up for B as well. So far, so good. The savings pots feature is fantastic and definitely something which would take Mondo to another level. I like the in-built budgeting as well. What B have done is remove the need for separate savings spreadsheets and budgeting applications, providing everything in one easy location on your phone or tablet but without loosing branch access and support. B specific internet banking is missing, but hopefully something they’ll add in due course.

As @RossA notes, the signup process is really simple (although more complex than the current Mondo signup process). Would like to see Mondo take their own website to a new level however - the B website gives you a pretty decent idea of what you can expect whereas the Mondo homepage is very sparse.

(Andrew Ross) #14

Agree that the website gives loads of information @SladdinCJ - I like the demos as well. Until my switch happens it’s an empty account so any try many of features yet. Do like the automatic alerts you can set up and the sweep feature from the savings…

No Apple Pay though yet - although it’s on the way I believe.

(paul) #15

Hi @JoshuaT sorry for noticing this so late! Fingers crossed we get our banking licence :soon: called a ‘licence with restriction’ which allows us to enter a phase called ‘mobilsation’ (check out How to get a banking licence). We are not allowed provide overdrafts during ‘mobilisation’, although we will be able to do that when we get our restriction lifted, which will be a few months after we get our licence.

(james_e_bell) #16

Savings pots is a game changer for me - ive wanted this functionality for a long time