Banking inertia!

(Colin Robinson) #1

Can’t believe that I’ve been with first direct so long:

I switched to them from Yorkshire Bank :bank: two years after they started - pretty radical in those days ‘what, a bank with no branches?’

Looking forward to moving again next year when :mondo: goes live

(Josh Bray) #2

I tried first direct. Just didn’t like them. As a bank who doesn’t have branches you’d think their digital channels would be brilliant. But they leave a lot to be desired. You have to jump through hoops to do anything. And it locked me out at least 4 times in six months.

(Jon Crozier) #3

I switched to first direct from Barclays last year and I have to agree with Josh, for a mobile bank, their online offering is pretty poor.

I just don’t find it very intuitive to use. Never sure if if able to do what I want via mobile or if I have to use a desktop or even call them to sort something out.

Login details can be tricky to remember too as there are so many. I got locked out a few times after I just opened the account - then had to endure a long ‘unlock’ process.

Also (last moan, I promise!) I’ve noticed when I top up my mondo card using Apple Pay, it can take days to show up in First Direct statement. It doesn’t even show in ‘Pending Transactions’. I’m used to instant updates now with Mondo. :slight_smile:

To balance it out, their telephone support is always very good. They were one of the first to support Apple Pay and they gave me £100 to switch.

Can’t wait to move my banking to Mondo as soon as it’s possible.