Looking to sell shares


Hi, yes it is still available. How much would you be offering?


Hi all, I’m also interested in buying shares. Is anyone (else) selling. How much for?

(MM) #128

Just PM’d you :slight_smile:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #129

So are all shares £7.71 even those from previous rounds?

(Is Santa here yet?) #130

They’re whatever people want to pay, but yes they’re all worth the same


I have 390 share for sale at £ 8, and I’m pretty sure I will be allowed by Monzo to do so. Will explain why to a prospective buyer. PM if you are interested.

(MM) #132

Hey Oleg, I’m happy to buy them for £8, PM me :slight_smile:


Not sure how to PM on the forum :thinking:

(MM) #134

Click on my username and it should come up with the message option

(Is Santa here yet?) #135

They’ve only just joined and don’t have the option, you’ll have to DM them

(MM) #136

We’re stuck then! I’m PM’d like 3 people so I can’t PM anyone for 20 hours, only joined today as well lol

(Stuart) #137

I’ll sell mine for the same price as HSBC shares £643 each lol! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Is Santa here yet?) #138

They’re 643p each, don’t think that it’s a good idea to sell Monzo shares for that :grin:

(Stuart) #139

My bad it’s late lol.

I retract haha.

To be fair they won’t be worth selling until IPO

Most tech firms are overvalued at IPO so will be good time to shift


Hi Oleg, are you still selling your shares? :slight_smile:


Hi ABCdeel, are you still selling your shares? :slight_smile:


Hi, yes I have 259 shares available. What would be your offer?