Looking to sell shares


I’ve got a feeling the OP was wanting quite a bit more if they are looking to sell so early…

Will be interesting to see the final price if/when they sell!


£2.65 :wink:


But more than happy to split should this be possible

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it was £2.35 in Dec last year :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

from the blog post here - https://monzo.com/blog/

since Dec 17 - ++++++s
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user base from 185,000 in Dec to 750,000 today ----- edit - Current Account user base :slight_smile:
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That doesn’t take me to the right page unfortunately (only to the generic blog page).

Did someone buy them at £2.35, or was that the crowdfunding round price?



To be fair I have no idea what Monzo are worth at the moment, up to the seller and buyer to be comfortable with the price I guess

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sorry the link is to the blog page where all updates are dated to read through :slight_smile:

2.35 was the crowdfunding / institutional investor round price - somebody allegedly (???) bought a small holding from a man called Michael at 3.07 I think later in my linked thread about splitting the shareholding :slight_smile:

not for one moment suggesting for a larger holding that is the price, as @stephenjames rightly says the buyer and seller will agree the price


Thought so - Thanks.

Watching with intrigued eyes!


All those £2.60, £2.70 figures are just where someone wants to offer the last round price but adds 10p to offer more than someone else. The reality is there are probably more people seeking to buy than sell so there is good demand for the shares. Monzo are also well on target for having a million customers by late Summer or early Autumn so interest is bound to increase. Therefore their potential sale price could be even higher, £3.50, £4.75, who knows! Don’t sell out now too quickly, wait and see what offers you get. Also you will have to sell all of the shares from a round, you can’t sell part of your block, but you do not have to sell shares from all rounds you may have purchased. The sale of that block of shares will be arranged by Crowdcube after Monzo has agreed, and requires buyer and seller to sign agreements that will be prepared for you by Crowdcube.

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Some of us wanted to buy shares to be part of a growing business, to help nurture it in a small way. Not looking to make money short term. And in the end we didn’t even get the chance. Que sera sera. Frankly the mercenary way this is being discussed – all pounds, shillings and pence to some folk it seems – just feels grubby and materialistic.

Sell the shares back to Monzo at cost price, if your need for the money is so great.

780 shares, for crying out loud! I would have been happy with 20! :man_shrugging:

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I wouldn’t post your share offer here personally. All you are doing is driving up the share price.

I would suggest Monzo only allow share sales if blind offers are made with people knowing what the last price of shares were each sold at.

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true, - not that its any of my business, but if I were OP i would be saying best and final offers by Personal Message by whatever date / time they choose - don’t then have to accept any and people don’t bump the price up more than they are prepared to pay :slight_smile:


I would say to people before they go crazy, that £5 would be a reasonable maximum offer. I would suggest that you do not go above that price point at this time.

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But no investors badge so…

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I don’t see why people want to sell now it just doesn’t make sense.

Even if i needed the money I wouldn’t sell now… just imagine that £100 you need now was £10000 in a few years time.

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I believe this is answered here :slight_smile:


True, does feel like a feeding frenzy - we’re all just that excited!

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Did you ask Crowdcube if the transfer is possible? Are you still looking for a buyer?

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Very interested in buying some of these, but cant afford to buy them all.

If the seller would split them up, I feel that he would be able to make more money and give more people the chance to purchase.

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Hi Tom - from the post 3 above yours -

" At this time we cannot allow our Crowdcube Investors to make exceptional share transfers that split their shareholding – they may transfer the whole investment or none of it. This is because we incur costs on a per Investor basis and increasing the number of investors would make this unsustainable."

I think - as previously mentioned by others - “the whole investment” refers to an individual investment in that particular crowdfunding round - rather than the whole investment being all three rounds of investment - quite confusing really