Looking to sell shares


I generally expect here that people may be happy to give their reasons to Crowdcube, Monzo, and a genuine prospective buyer, but may not wish to post on a public forum.

I’m not exactly sure on what counts towards the allowed circumstances, but scenarios I can think of (other than really positive ones like prospective house purchase) could be loan default, other credit complications, health issues, the need to help a family member, unexpected redundancy/unemployment, failing business venture, capital needed to springboard new business venture, car crash without fully comprehensive insurance, the list goes on life throws crazy things at us every day.

I can imagine a few situations where people may be comfortable sharing with individuals but not in public. Given we’ve heard sales require a special circumstance, I err on the side of not asking anybody, unless they suggest they are happy to discuss.

(Fin) #210

I have some shares available. If anyone is interesting in purchasing - please DM me.

(Michael) #211

How many?

(Gee) #212

I’m interested in buying shares if anyone has any for sale.

PM me with how many and what you want for them


(Saul) #215

Hi has it been approved by monzo aswell? I cant seem to PM yet so could you send me a pm?


Conflict of interest with employer over 7 shares? Harsh over something worth about £50!

(Splodf) #218

My OCD would not allow me to buy 7 shares.

I didn’t buy the full allocation because of this. :frowning:


How many?

(Henry) #220

Hey, I would he interested to buy from you. How many and how much?

(Tom) #221

I didn’t think it was possible to sell the shares…? Unless selling on the crowdcube platform, is that what is being referred to?

Is someone able to explain please?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #222

Yes. Crowdcube “own” the shares so any sale has to be handled by them in accordance with the terms that they set as described further up the thread.


Hi, I have 259 shares available for sale. If anyone is interested, feel free to pm me

(Frank) #225

For anyone that has successfully sold shares can you advise how long it took end to end?


The Monzo board meeting is today. If you have submitted a request for transfer to Crowdcube you should be hearing back soon.

(Frank) #227

I’m not sure if they will have got the details in time :confused:

(James Prince) #228

I am also looking to sell 259 shares.

(James Prince) #229

Are you still interested in purchasing shares. I have 259 and I am currently in contact with Monzo and waiting to hear back from them for authorisation to transfer shares.


I would. Pm me

(Jamie Mill) #231

I’m looking to buy, but not at £10 / share… Maybe £9