Looking for something to merge MP3 files

Only got an iPhone & iPad at the moment. Bought some music but it’s MP3 format and saved in my Files directory on my iPhone. I’d like to be able to merge these into one large continuous file because the only way I know to listen to the album is to play each individually.

Already looked at

But it doesn’t seem to allow me to point to where the files are, only the Apple Music library.

I’ll look into this a bit more for you and come back, but I don’t think what you’re wanting to do is actually possible on an iOS device. You’d need a computer and then sync the library.


But that is only if you want it in the music app.

@Dunsford You could download VLC app and add it to that and then play through from there?

Once opened the app go to network iCloud and select the songs. You can also connect to other cloud services.


Looking at David Waltons suggestion but need to wait for iCloud to finish syncing.

Will also look at VLC even tho the rating 3.3/5 doesn’t seem too good.

Yeah, this isn’t possible on iOS I’m afraid. The tool @davidwalton shared might help, or it might be worth looking for a music player app that can import and play songs from files too.

This should let you queue them, put them into a playlist or an album for instance.

This is one that came up from a Google search:


Got VLC working. Just need to import the MP3’s and remember to use VLC to listen to them.

Thanks for your help all.

I’ve suggested to the artist that they include a continuous play mp3 file. :wink:


I use VLC at home for my laptop as it supports a lot more video file types, have done for years and it’s never failed me.


This is why I thought of it. Never really used on my phone but had it (and remember when they first released their iPhone app). I have been using it since about 2003 and it used to be great as the way I could play avi files on a Mac, which was the preference for video files from certain areas of the internet at the time.

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iOS app ratings are always full of people complaining about bugs, but VLC has been the best media player for compatibility across all platforms for a long time, I’ve been using it for over 20 years and it’s always served its purpose.