iOS duplicates photo finder

Want to address the issue of a bunch of duplicates / similar photos.

I see there are lots of 3rd party apps in the App Store, but no idea where to start. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Has anyone tried the built in duplicate detection in iOS 16 beta? Any good? I don’t intend to install the beta but might wait until the public release if it’s worth waiting for.

Google photos will do it. Haven’t tried iOS 16


Google will do it within Apple Photos library or you need to import into Google Photos?

Into google photos (I don’t think Apple allows google to change things on Apple servers :smile:)

OK. Looking for something that works on Apple Photos library.

iOS 16 has a duplicates album which you can merge the duplicates together.

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Just being playing with this. I have loads when WhatsApp saved photos down automatically. One high res one low. And also an iOS version in 2013 basically had duplicates of everything. Not sure if it was hdr and non hdr but I just merged them as they generally did look much different!


I’ve found the iOS 16 dupe feature works really well!

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