Looking for a new bike, where to start?

I have a mint condition carerra but its way too heavy and want something lighter and quicker

I popped into decathlon today and found this excellent looking btwin bike for £500

According to the reviews the only downside is that the inner tubes are aparrently difficult to replace should you get a puncture although I suppose I could just take it down to Halford is that happens

So where should I start and what should I look for when I want a light quick road bike with standard handlebars and no suspension?


Have you looked into cycle to work scheme, might save you a bit long term

I’ve never heard of Triban, but at that price they’re much of a muchness. T6 Aluminium frame, carbon fork and Shimano Sora group set is a pretty good place to start for a hybrid bike.

As for the tires being tight, that’s more of a quirk of the brand of tire they use. The wheels are standard sizes (700c) but some tyre manufacturers play fast and loose with the fit. You can always swap them for any other road tire when they wear out. A set of Continental 4-seasons would be a good bet when the time comes.

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It also depends how much you would like to spend and what sort of cycling ie commuting , also how often you would use it .

It’s a “bwin” brand which I’ve seen many times before

Does anyone know at decathlon can you ride the bike away same day or do you have to wait for it to be put together?

If you want one fully assembled, you may be better off going to a physical bike shop --you’ll find a similarly specced bike in most bike shops. You’ll also be able to take it back to them for a free tightening up after a couple of weeks (brake and gear cables stretch when they’re new).

Otherwise it’ll be shipped in a bike box. You’ll need to put the wheels & handlebar on, but the chain and gears will be ready to ride.

Thanks gavin
I popped into decathlon earlier so I’ll be buying a bike from the store,not online

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If you want something lighter and quicker, get a road bike, not a hybrid (I have a hybrid at present, considerably heavier than a road bike (but still less than a mountain bike).

Personally I’d go to an independent store, try a few, and they can always swap out handlebars for straight ones rather than drop ones if you wish.

If not an option, then that bike you’ve listed looks as good as any other tbh

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I’ve reserved it and I’ll pick it up later this week

One question, where do you get the extension valves to pump the tyre up? As it has one of those really skinny valves which won’t work with a standard pump

Edit:think I have one here

Halfords will presumably have them in stock if you don’t trust eBay ?

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Thanks mate as posted above I found one from my old bike so that’s sorted

I understand its a good idea to get some tyre levers incase I need to fix a puncture?

best to get a complete repair kit to keep you moving, not great to be 5 miles from home wheeling your bike , get a multi tool, with chain splitter, puncture repair kit, decent pump. tyre levers, spare inner tube, bike lights.

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What about slime, is that any good these days?

Ive had slime inner tubes on my road bike for a couple of years , no punctures so dont really know how they perform, but the tyres go down over time , as they all do , easiest to carry a spare tube and a puncture repair kit with you

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I’ve reserved it so will check it out properly before I buy it
They asked what size I am, they said they only do medium and large so went for large as I’m 6 foot

In general try to avoid buying from Halfords or Evans.


Yeah i went for decathlon. Evans is far away and ridiculously expensive.

BTW where’s the best place to flog my old carerra ? It’s mint condition and want to cut my losses



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It maybe that Canal is a recognised purveyor of second-hand bikes. If not - that’s hilarious. :rofl: