Do You Have a Peloton Tread or Bike?

Do any members here have either of the Peloton products? I notice there is a #monzo tag with one member already in it (two now!) Is that someone on the community here?

I got the tread about a month ago and can honestly say it has changed my approach to exercise. I get up excited to get on it every day without fail.

The recall related to the screen falling off doesn’t bother me, just check it is firmly attached each time!

Have you not seen the more recent recall after a child died under a treadmill?!

I want/wanted a bike, but the monthly costs put me off as finance/membership made it about £85 I think. I tried to convince my girlfriend but the fear that it would become a very expensive clothes horse was too much in the end.

Peloton recalls treadmills after child’s death Peloton recalls treadmills after child's death - BBC News

They don’t sell that model in the UK :+1:

Ahh, I didn’t realise that.

Did you run much before you got it?

I’m a sucker for a challenge/achievement which is what I think would have kept me on it.

The huge wait was a pain too. If I could have bought it and it turned up tomorrow, I might have caved. It was 3 or 4 months last I looked (for a bike)

I didn’t run before. I don’t run much on it now, at the moment I much prefer doing the hiking classes using the incline.

It wasn’t the best communication from them to be fair and it all got muddled further when reported by the media because of that. The only recall which applies to the UK is related to screens loosening and falling off - based on 12 reports of minor injuries. Nothing as serious the problem with the model recalled in the USA (which is the Tread+).

When I first ordered delivery was seven weeks, then after one week more slots opened up and my total wait from order to delivery was under three weeks. It might be faster now because they can’t deliver the treadmills.

The challenges and achievements keep me coming back for sure. I had a basic treadmill maybe ten years ago and christ it was boring. Got rid of it pretty quickly! With Peloton the instructors constant talking make the time fly by which is great. I think I know most of their life stories now, the dating history of one, lots of useless facts about humming birds from another and so on. Another talked about how he watches the YouTube videos of songs he selects for a playlist for a workout, and how ridiculous those videos are. It really sucks you in, which I also need to keep me coming back! It is expensive, but the execution is extremely good.

I think the standard bike had a reduction recently, and pretty sure they will come and collect it if you change your mind in 30 days for a refund.

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In my opinion there’s a higher risk of injury from using a running machine incorrectly, compared to a cycle. I certainly wouldn’t ever use a running machine whilst alone.

The Tread+ is an incredibly bad design, and the company demonstrated extreme poor judgment by not recalling the product after the child was pulled under a few weeks ago. I didn’t realise it actively ignored the wishes of a safety body! That terrible decision will have huge implications following the later, tragic death.

Putting aside the crappy base and belt design, the running machines are meant to have a safety key which you take out so they can’t start if you have young kids/pets. So it was an unfortunate combo of leaving it active, and leaving the toddler alone with the running equipment. Tragic but avoidable.

I’ve looked at them but decided against it, over priced for what it is. You can get better build quality for a lot cheaper. I don’t need to subscribe either to a monthly programme. I get why it suits some people but it’s not one for me.