Brompton Bikes

I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, and now seems like the ideal time (the thought of getting back on the tube every day is incredibly unappealing). I have a road bike, but it’s not particularly practical for daily commutes.

I know there are cheaper alternative folding bikes, but the design and fact that they are made in the UK really appeals to me. I’ve booked in a demo for tomorrow.

Just wondered if anyone else has one, and could share their thoughts? I’m thinking of getting the 3 speed one, given London is quite flat.

If you are in London, there are Brompton bike rental cabinets dotted around.

Edit: a link

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Made locally to me they are robust, trusty, and worth the price.


I got a Brompton B75 (cheap 3 speed Brompton) at the beginning of lockdown and I love it. Great fun to ride and really nicely engineered.

The only issue you might have is finding one in stock.

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I ended up buying one. They only had the 6 speed in stock, and orange probably would be my first choice of colour, but I absolutely love it! In fact, I’m very grateful of the extra gears, and it probably means I’m more likely to take with me when travelling.

In terms of the ride, I can’t get over how it feels so much like a larger bike, often more fun than my road bike. It flies around corners, and is very quick off the line at traffic lights. The build quality is incredible, it’s so rare that I buy something that feels so well made and designed.

Still mastering the fold mechanism, but it fits snugly under my desk at work.