Looking for a dart board

I am going to buy a dart board but searching just on amazon there are literally dozens of boards and they all seem the same.

I am not a pro (or even a semi pro) but I do enjoy playing regularly and with all the pubs shut I have no where to play

Does anyone here have any advice or thoughts?

I have no advice about buying one, but I will offer some advice about placement, if I may.

Whatever you do, in no circumstances place a dartboard on a party wall, especially if that wall is seemingly made from a wafer-thin brick-like substance that offers close to zero sound muffling ability.

I have been sent very close to the edge thanks to the thud-thud-thud … thud-thud-thud … from my neighbour since lockdown began, as it’s seemingly become their passion. I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy. *twitches*


Since lockdown started I have to put up with neighbours that cannot sing (despite their best efforts) and do DIY all day and night so I feel your pain.

I have the perfect spot in my dining room that only backs onto the garden

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My neighbours were doing DIY at all hours but the people behind them make a noise complaint so the council’s wardens came out and told them to pack it in and told them the times they were allowed to make that noise in. I just stood at my window laughing and then enjoyed the silence for the rest of the night

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I think the brand “WINMAU” is one of the main decent ones. Seemingly sponsor darts events and such so I imagine they are the ‘standard’ as it were.

It’s a really weird thing… They all look the same but in descriptions they talk about:

Dynamic Sector Wiring. Made to World Darts Federation standards

dual core technology achieves lower compression at the outer core, which increases point penetration for fewer lost darts and higher scores, whilst higher compression at the inner core increases resistance below the surface, absorbing excess kinetic energy for improved durability.

It probably doesn’t matter for home play but who knew there was so much “tech” in dartboards?

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