Free Standing Punch Bags?

Where’s the best place in the UK to get one for fairly cheap ? I checked argos but the only free standing one in my price range is out of stock… thanks

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Yes i know google, but i want a reputable place- that others have used.
also most are out of stock

OK im gonna get this one…

Checkouts not working :frowning: WIll have to contact them

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Maybe make a thread. Someone on here might work there?


I guess something more constructive could be said here. I think it boils down to the fact that you create a lot of topics and take, take, take from this community.

You get a lot of help from everyone on here so perhaps you can return the favour and start contributing back by helping others?

I never see you comment outside of your own topics so it’s a tad selfish to be doing this, especially to extent that you are. It’s not surprising that you’re starting to get flippant comments as a result…

Perhaps consider more of a balance of helping VS creating topics and such, then I’m sure you’ll see peoples attitudes change :slight_smile:.


Spot on Ordog, you have more patience than me :+1:


My regular reminder:

No one is obliged to engage with any thread on here. And, if you do, engage with the topic and please don’t publicly debate the motivations of the original poster.

If you have a problem, raise it privately with the person you have a problem with. Or to an admin (like @AlanDoe).

And no discussion of this in this thread, please.

Punching bag commentary - only - should continue below.


I agree to an extent but at what point does this become spamming, cause I feel like it’s there already. I agree with Ordog.

Most of OP’s posts are Google questions.

Don’t make me your punching bag :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil: (look at that I kept it on topic)


To just follow on from @Peter_G and chime in myself:

  • Nobody is obligated to keep up any sort of ratio of creating threads or posting. You can create as many threads as you like as long as they’re appropriate. (in this particular instance, an unoffensive, non spam, non-banking related thread was created in General, which is absolutely fine).
  • Nobody is obligated to engage in any content if you do not wish to or do not find it interesting.
  • Please, can we all just be kind to each other. If something doesn’t cause you harm, lets not cause others harm.

A free standing punchbag will need to be incredibly heavy or it’s going to wobble with even the slightest punch.

You’ll need to fill it with water/sand and even then, it will wobble when you get excited and give it a proper smash.

Do you have anywhere you could put a wall/ceiling bracket?

I wouldn’t be able to fit a bracket myself, and obviously i have minimal people coming round due to corona. thanks for the info anyway. Im aware you need sand/water which is not a problem.

These are the two im looking at…


Decathlon are having problems online at the moment so i’ll wait until tomorrow, if not i’ll go with

Unless you’re going to cement that into the floor, that will be completely useless. Save your money!

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Really ? I’ve used a much bigger one of those a few years ago which was filled with water and it was fine ? Got good reviews too

Got it coming from decathlon :grin:

Open the profile and click on the normal option and change to ignored, I don’t believe it hides their posts though.

I imagine you’d have to be an admin to delete a user.

I know what you’re saying ordog but I’ve always been the type of person who asks lots of questions. I do occasionally chime in and help people if I think I can be of use :+1:t4:

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Muting doesn’t hide a user’s posts - “Ignoring user” does that, but only for predetermined periods. You’d need to renew the setting periodically.

Even that will only hide the contents of the post, the actual thread will still show up

I get what the Coral Crew are saying, the Community needs to be as supportive as possible, and everyone must be welcome.

But at the same time, I get where a large number of users are coming from too, and understand Ordog’s point too. There is no formal requirement for users to have a helpful contribution/ask ratio. But I think like in society there are some unwritten rules that most people try to adhere to

And I totally understand the annoyance of some users when they see a new thread come up almost daily with basic questions that could be Googled easily; or questions that need a specific piece of information that isn’t provided.

Maybe as a compromise someone could create a “Quick questions” thread where people can ask questions that don’t necessarily generate a lot of discussion?

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This, though unlikely, would be a proportionate solution in dampening the effect of unnecessary threads.

I was trying to help by explaining why there are more and more less helpful comments appearing in the OPs topics. They’re either not aware of why it’s happening or don’t care but at least it would be clear either way.

Sure you could be a stickler for the “rules” but there aren’t rules for everything. It’s just etiquette of how online communities work. Akin to always taking free samples and never buying the product. You clearly enjoy the product so help support it.

Sure, there are no direct rules against doing this but it’s just not morally correct.