Darts fans/players/people who like to throw sharp stuff at a board when having a drink

… I need your help!

I am doing some research on a darts app that we are developing. A side to the app will be making it easier for everyone to play darts (making it more family friendly).

It will be a scoring app with the classic 501 and 301 game modes (and more…)|. I can’t give away much more as there is a niche element to the app but is there anything that you have been looking for with apps that isn’t currently on the app stores?

We are happy to take on any ideas that you may feel will work.


Could you have someone holding the camera to the board, then the scores could be tracked and automatically recorded?

Would be more than happy to trial out on TestFlight once ready!

This is something we thought of but I would believe that this idea would be patented by Flight Club.

I will come back here to give you beta access once it’s ready though, thanks!

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Being able to link to local leagues to upload scores for matches would be good.
If it works for darts could it then be done for pool and other pub games.

This is something we have also discussed which seems like it would be a good idea if you could have like phone call integration which we can certainly look into further down the line.

Also someone at work said today about it working with other games but I’m not sure which games it would really work with to be honest.

Thank you both @grant.macgregor & @Jimmyb878 for your suggestions they have been very helpful. Even ideas that we have thought of help a lot as it tells us what people find interesting! :grin:

Baffles my mind that this could be patented

I should think you could get a snooker version to work, pool granted is just win or lose but in my experience if you play one pub game you generally play them all.
I’m from Derbyshire originally and most pubs have a skittles team so you could probably get that to work and maybe dominoes and cribbage etc are an option too.
1 app that can score for all the games in one place.
I don’t play pub games as much anymore but when I did it often play more than one in a night.

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Something like a board that you can tap on the individual bits you hit to put the score in. When I score for my mates I’m rubbish at working out what a treble works out as and then they’re collecting their darts and I’m holding them up!

And if you could get Russ Bray to record the scores and his voice belts out when you’re finished putting the scores in, that’d be nice! :joy:

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@G13nnL The dart board idea is already in there don’t worry about that :wink:

Give me a contact for Russ Bray and we can get that in there too haha.

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I used to play darts and pool.

All the pubs in my area used League Republic who seem to be dominating the market on this.

They have an app, you can text in scores, question rules, create tournaments, leagues, competitions and everything inbetween.

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@Ordog thanks a lot for this it’s very helpful. I haven’t really looked into that market as that’s not the audience we are going for… yet, but is definitely going to help knowing about them if we ever do go down that route.

I want 10% equity for my suggestion.

Arguments can be made to support 9.5%

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:thinking: :joy:

If anyone has any name suggestions fire them forward! Didn’t think this would be the hardest bit :joy:

Use the title of this topic? :laughing:

It’s too short :wink:

Darty McDartapp

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