London Office Space

My company is looking for a new office space in London — part of a medium-sized with HQ in the States, however, there are only ever max 10 in the London office at any time. Primarily sales who travel or work from home most of the week. Me and one other guy work in the office Mon-Fri.

I had a viewing of a WeWork space yesterday — and viewing another space tomorrow where they have 8 floors opening next month. As someone who works fairly isolated from a larger team and company, I love the idea of WeWork for the community, networking and events aspects.

However, I believe it may not be what some other more conservative members of the team (and those who approve such things). Are there any other spaces in London (Bank/L’pool St) that may be compareable? Good facilities and community feel with events as a plus. Regus are absolutely terrible; soulless offices, incompetent staff, badly managed spaces.

Looking for suggestions for managed office space in London City with a good sense of community.

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My latest client is in a WeWork office and it’s great. Plus they have beers and prosecco on tap every evening so what else can you ask for.

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This is definitely great, and would help with team bonding on a regular basis, particular within teams that aren’t all together very often.

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We (I’m on a freelance contract in a small social agency, with about 8 other people) work in a Regus building just around the corner from a central London WeWork space. The office here is totally fine, and about half of what a WeWork costs for the same size. We don’t have the communal stuff and it’s a bit… basic in comparison, but as a working space it’s just fine. We can do what we want within our office, reception is very friendly, the kitchen spaces on each floor are fine. TBH I’d love to move to a WeWork but for the cost, we don’t think it’s worth it. So don’t discount them, maybe try visiting a few and seeing what they’re like. I suspect they’ll be changing up their game given the fast growth of WeWork.

I have used wework, regus and few others. These days using this :point_down:

Really decent and cheaper than wework.

Thanks for the suggestion. They may have one suitable, I’ve arranged a viewing.

We have SO many complaints and issues about our Regus space that we are very keen to move elsewhere. Glad it isn’t working out too badly for you, though.

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Can in no way recommend, because I don’t work there, but a partner I work with has a small office space on a managed floor in the CityPoint building at 1 Ropemaker St, a short walk from both Liverpool St and Bank. There’s a coffee shop, and it seems very buzzy, with lots of small businesses seemingly based there, when I visit from my basic (but listed) 60s workplace.

Or maybe you can rent space from Monzo when they open their new office just across the street in Finsbury Sq soon?

The oddities of the City of London mean that Ropemaker St is within the Square Mile, but Finsbury Sq (across the street) is in Islington.