London buses to get fake noise 🚎

OK, that was definitely not the sound I was expecting… This will be interesting :joy:


I couldn’t find it on a very quick google but the price tag for that sound is the scariest thing about it

That’s rather pleasant actually. Was expecting it to be like those clackers on 1980s bikes!

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It’s quite sinister

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Thankfully I don’t live in London. Imagine hearing that noise all the time while on a bus or stationary. I had just assumed the new law would make it a fake motor engine sound. Every (electric) car will soon sound like ice cream vans… :scream:

This is just a bit too ominous :eyes: At night, I think that sound would be super creepy :woman_shrugging:

Admittedly cooler than the fake engine sound I was expecting though!

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On the one hand, I do like the noise, on the other, I’m pleased that I don’t live near a bus garage any more!

It’s not so bad in isolation, but imagine a number of buses converging on your location --that C sharp isn’t going to synchronise…

That said, from the headline I assumed they were going to be blasting Milli Vanilli songs… :rofl:

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From the headline, my assumption was that they would be getting the ‘VWORP VWORP!’ sound.

Waiting for the mixtape that plays a moving electric bus passing a stationary electro bus…

That’s a whole new genre of dance music right there…

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