Mariah Carey on TfL Announcements

What do people think about this? Personally, using a celebrity voice is fine for some fun, but to plug Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music and her new album on a safety announcement is terrible to me.

Am I the grinch? Maybe.


I think it cheapens the TfL brand whilst most importantly making it so when a real announcement is made your conditioned to much like advertisements tune them out.

After the whole “Hold on the bus is about to move.” saga I simply wear headphones and either listen to a podcast, music or the radio; I wouldn’t hear any announcement.

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I’m glad I don’t live in London


All was good until the album plug was put in at the end :roll_eyes:

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I think there were a few major train stations a few months ago using Amanda Holden as an announcement about suicide prevention on the railways. This was a good cause, and it broke up the dull monotone voice of regular station announcers.

This, however, I imagine it’s not ill-intended but an advertisement is not really needed, is it?

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Ha makes a couple of Monzo badges look insignificant in comparison.

Tom’s missed a trick. “Mind the gap… and the Hot Coral”


That’s what I thought.

Yet surprisingly most replies are positive. Well, they seem to be her fans.

Weirdly even the tweet bugs me as it links to her album. This is a public service - I liken it to the BBC advertising blatantly.

That’s just tacky

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Rush hour that would be annoying for me.

She’s ghastly IMHO. A once-marvellous singer who has seen better days. I’m sure once she said she hated “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

Also seems to have “Sinitta syndrome” when it comes to her age…

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She might hate it but let’s be honest it’s what pays her bills!


She hates it, I can’t bloody stand it!!