I have an app which was our sourced the development know India, I came across that the made a similar logo to yours, but everything else is different like colour etc, what does this mean? like what implications would this have one my business


Hey, can’t see the logo you uploaded so may wanna edit it to get it to show up.

That is pretty similar I gotta say

Doesn’t it depend if the business work in the same sector?

Tell that to Hugo Boss

It’s very similar. Lazy designer?


Hope you didn’t pay too much for it :sweat_smile:


They may have never heard of Monzo. It’s not going to be the only company in the world with a stylised M for a logo.

That is a blatant rip off of @Monzo logo

Presumably you outsourced the design to India because it was cheap?

Well, I suppose you get what you pay for. A cheap-looking rip-off. It never looks good when it’s obvious one business has ripped off another, more successful business.

He’s called Joe Lycett now.

As for the logo, it’s a bit like back at school when someone asked to copy your homework but you told them to change it a little so it didn’t look the same…


thats the logo but the app is in Africa

its a mobile marketplace and wallet together

IMO it’s sufficiently different to the Monzo “M” being different colours and the right downstroke is shorter. Therefore I’d suggest it’s OK. However, it depends on how an IP / Trademark Lawyer would view it.

I saw told the looks the same but I found out the like of 300 logos that are similar, so I think I need to ask around

The question is, assuming that it isnt a co-incidence and the company really did copy the Monzo logo, what other parts of your app were just copied and pasted from the internet?

True but the most of it was actually a different company just that logo was done by them.

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