Logo on Apple Watch notifications missing

(William) #1

Not sure if this has been brought up before but anyone got any idea why the Monzo logo is missing on Apple Watch notifications. Or is it just me…?image

(Karim) #2

Yeah it seems to be a hit and miss for some reason

(William) #3

Is that hit and miss notification by notification or for people. I think all of mine don’t have a logo and don’t remember seeing a logo and been having half an eye on it for a while.


Not just with Monzo - had the same issue with Snapchat half a year ago. This seems to be more of a bug with WatchOS rather than Monzo.

(Dan) #5

I occasionally have the AMEX logo missing on notifications on my Apple Watch. I saw it with a couple of other apps too. Pretty sure it’s an issue with watchOS.

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