Locked pot & Direct Debits


I have a pot that I pay all my Direct Debit bills etc, my question is, if I locked this pot would the DDs still get paid from pot

Thanks in advance Joe

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I just locked a pot and it let me add a direct debit to pay from it with no issue.

So that’s step 1 okay, not sure after that!


I’m presuming from the link below (I just did a search for bills pots) it’s OK to lock a bills pot, although if you want to unlock it early you may have problems because I think that closes the pot (I haven’t locked a pot ever).


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If you lock a pot you won’t have any issues with recurring payments coming out of your Pot (Direct Debits or Pot Transfers)

If you ever needed to withdraw money from the pot you would need to close it sadly.

Hope this helps :hot_coral_heart: