Scheduled payment from locked pots

I have locked a pot so I do not take money from it because it is for a scheduled payment. It is scheduled to come out on the 1st June, so I have locked the pot until the 2nd June. Will the money still be taken even though the pot is locked?

I see from the Locked bill pots? topic that the money should come out but I am cautious and do not see this in the help. If it is the case (as it is with hidden pots), can this be added to the help pages, please?


Hi Tom,

I can check this for you, I didn’t lock the pot myself in the end because Monzo currently only handles direct debits in the pay from pot section and I was using to hold money for things like Netflix too. If you want to prompt me on the 21st when the pot i’ve now locked should have money come out for a payment I can confirm if it works for you.

The post you’ve linked to is actually mine :grin:

I got this information from someone who worked on this feature at Monzo (note that their name is in red and that they have the Monzo logo over their avatar) so I think it’s safe to say that it will work :slight_smile:

Here is the original comment:

bills will come out of lock pots i currently have my bills pot lock for 3000 years and all my bills pay with no problems

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Oh, the elation when you wake up from cryo-sleep in 5020, open your Monzo app and see cheque imaging