Pin Rate-limiting

So I was testing to see if monzo rate-limited entering the pin, I tried when trying to turn on fingerprint authentication, and after a few times it said pin blocked,

Over 24hrs later I tried again with the correct pin and it still blocked, with no indication on how to get it unblocked.

This is a poor UX as after 24hrs it should let at least one more attempt, and if you need to verify Identity it doesn’t tell you anything.

Also another side effect of this pin block is that I can’t authorise 3DS transactions as the pin is blocked leaving me stuck, (also eurocarparts request 3DS for under £3)

Edit: now seeing when trying to send a payment it says I need to unlock pin with verifying identify , I think that’s pretty steep, but main issue is that no mention of this by a 3DS transaction.


It’s not a rate limit, it’s your card PIN so three attempts before a full block. :no_good_woman:

You should be able to unblock your PIN and get a reminder of it by selecting PIN from the account tab and going through identity verification there.

It’s expected that 3D Secure transactions can’t be completed with the PIN blocked. I’ll see what I can do about getting the unblock text added though.


It’s pretty standard in banking to block requiring a phone call to reinstate the account.

I did it to my B account accidentally just a couple of days ago. They just want to be sure that nobody has got hold of your details and is attempting to compromise your account.