Location specific emojis πŸš€

Hi, I tweeted this to Mondo but thought I should put it here as well and see what people think.

One of the things I love about Mondo are the emoji-filled notifications.

Is it possible to request emojis for specific places, so you get the following when you spend money: a :rocket: for the Science Museum, :whale2: For the Natural History Museum, :art: For the many art galleries and :open_book: For libraries etc. If Nandos can get a :chicken: Can we emojis for cultural places too?

I realise this is not a massive priority, but it would make me (and other Mondo users I’m sure) smile. Seeing what emoji you’re going to get has become weirdly addictive when using my Mondo card :credit_card:


Really great idea. And maybe an option to choose with emoji or without. :smiley:

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I agree, it would be great if this could be integrated into the β€œSomething Wrong? Tell Us!” option for current feedback.

maybe this is something we could crowdsource?

Hi all,

Ahhh emojis… we :blue_heart: emojis here at Mondo. As you might have been able to tell! :heart_eyes:

When we see new merchants or people send in feedback we do review the emojis that get sent with the push notifications. Where possible, we try to include the most relevant and fun emojis, but are also very conscious that we don’t want to upset or accidentally insult people! :see_no_evil:

Will’s examples here are exactly the kinds of transactions that we can have fun with :tada:, and we will try to continue to push little notifications of joy to your phones. :dog:

Crowdsourcing emojis is an interesting idea! The problem I see is that it is very subjective and therefore lots of people will have an opinion on the best and most appropriate emoji. Cue the never-ending 24/7 emoji-review job here at Mondo. Anyone want to apply?! I’ll bring it up with the product team, though, and I am sure @hugo will have an opinion on this!

Thanks for the comments everyone,
Natasha :hugs::clap:t2:


I smile when I use my Mondo card at Hotel Chocolat because of this🍫
Chocolate bar


Woop. There is a new :art: spending notification for the V&A, does this mean :rocket: is ready for the Science Museum & :whale2: for the Natural History Museum too etc?

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@natasha any news on the getting these emojis in notifications? Would be great to get a :rocket: for the Science Museum (I work there). At the moment it’s a bowl at any time of the day which is a bit random.

Just got my card. I love the emojis on the notifications, I work for IKEA :sweden: The flag on the notification when I paid for my lunch made me very happy :smile: (I know it a bit weird, but it’s the little things) Being able to feedback a better emoji would be brilliant.

So glad you like the emoji @rossoh :heart:

To be honest the credit should go to the whole Monzo team, pretty much everybody here chips in to define these emoji one at a time :slight_smile:


I see this thread is a bit old, but essentially got a similar idea to what I am about to start a new thread on/tweeted Monzo.

My idea is simple and has really been mentioned here already: are there any updates on including the ability for us to make emoji suggestions to be used in push notifications for certain merchants? This would be in a similar spirit to allowing us to make logo and location suggestions for a merchant.

The β€œdefault” (I am not sure how these are decided) have been a little boring for a few local merchants that I go to a lot. For instance, I’d love to see the local burrito place I go to get a :burrito: emoji rather than the boring :credit_card: for a card payment!

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Might be interesting if you go to a lap dancing club

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Any update yet on if merchants will be able to select an emoji for push notifications about their transactions? My friend has just started a burger van and it would be awesome if the Monzo notification could show :hamburger: instead of :credit_card: