Loan eligibility income information

When I look at the loan eligibility it says under “Your income information”, “we don’t know enough information about your income”.

I’ve no idea what this means? I was asked for my salary information recently, so what I don’t get is if they don’t know it why not just ask me?

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You can lie. They mean they can’t validate it.

You can change that by getting paid directly from your employer in to Monzo. Or apply for a loan elsewhere.


It means they can’t verify it, either by getting paid into Monzo or via information recorded to CRAs.

I was told 3 months pay will validate your income. As soon as that happened for me I was eligible for Flex, overdrafts and loans.

I see, my salary is paid into a different bank account and I don’t particularly want to change that. I wasn’t looking for a loan was just interested in what it meant. I think the app’s text could be a little more specific.

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Looks like you were looking for a loan.

I have a nose at that area in the app from time to time. I’m not actually going to apply but just curious.

Same with the Flex credit limit. Although with that one I did decide to accept the new limit after a few days.


Is it unclear?

They say they don’t know how much you earn.

Given you don’t get paid into your Monzo account, they don’t.

Solution: get paid into Monzo.

You simply telling them isn’t proof of anything. You could very easily lie.


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