Loan as a commited spend

My loan repayments aren’t showing as a committed spend. I’m not saying it’s a bug, but the option to add it is one should definitely be there.


You can set any outward transaction as a committed spend if you open the payment and toggle the switch.

(I clearly shop at Tesco too often.)

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I don’t have these options for a loan!

Is this a Monzo loan? I didn’t realise they existed!

Internal Monzo products works slightly different to regular payments, I guess.

Yes, they’re slowly rolling it out to people who qualify.

Here’s more info:

As to the OP, seems a bit odd how you can’t make it a committed spend. Must be a bug.

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Didn’t realise that it hasn’t been offered to everyone!

Well is this the place to post if I actually want to get it taken as feedback? I only ask because no-one has formally replied.

It is the correct place however no guarantee of an official response but rest assured Monzo does monitor the forums especially feedback and bugs


I had my first Monzo loan payment taken from my account and it still isn’t part of committed spending. This needs to be added really as I have 11 more payments and I’m pretty committed to repay it :grin: .