🔜 Loan as a commited spend

My loan repayments aren’t showing as a committed spend. I’m not saying it’s a bug, but the option to add it is one should definitely be there.


You can set any outward transaction as a committed spend if you open the payment and toggle the switch.


(I clearly shop at Tesco too often.)



I don’t have these options for a loan!

Is this a Monzo loan? I didn’t realise they existed!

Internal Monzo products works slightly different to regular payments, I guess.

Yes, they’re slowly rolling it out to people who qualify.

Here’s more info:

As to the OP, seems a bit odd how you can’t make it a committed spend. Must be a bug.

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Didn’t realise that it hasn’t been offered to everyone!

Well is this the place to post if I actually want to get it taken as feedback? I only ask because no-one has formally replied.

It is the correct place however no guarantee of an official response but rest assured Monzo does monitor the forums especially feedback and bugs


I had my first Monzo loan payment taken from my account and it still isn’t part of committed spending. This needs to be added really as I have 11 more payments and I’m pretty committed to repay it :grin: .


Just had my first repayment taken and didn’t realise it wouldn’t be in committed spending! Really frustrating as it knocks my Summary out of whack - I’ve “spent” £150 of my £700 budget on the first day of the month.

@simonb @cookywook - any ideas if this has been raised internally? Hopefully not a huge task but would really improve the loan experience.

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Thanks for raising this, I’ve fed it back to the team. I imagine this is something that’s on their radar.


@simonb I’m a little disappointed it has taken since February to have an official response on this post. Something that Monzo could clearly improve on.

Sorry about that :pensive:

It must have slipped through the cracks at the time, and only when @FlyingDutchman tagged me last week did I see it.

We don’t have a huge amount of staff coverage on the forum at the moment, but it’s something we’re actively working to improve.


Hi! I work on the iOS side of Loans and so sorry that this slipped through the net - we’re looking into fixing this up asap - I’ll come back to post here once I know what release it’ll be in :slight_smile:


Thanks Niamh! Please mention this to your Android colleagues too :laughing:


Haha yep of course! :grin:


Any update on this one @niamhpower? Secretly hoping it’ll be ready for month end when my next loan repayment goes out - it’s really messed up my summary this month :persevere:


Hey! Sorry i’ve not come back to you on this - we’re hoping to get to this on Android in the next week or so - it’s been a bit of a crazy few weeks! :slight_smile: The toggle should appear on iOS loan transactions in the next release :crossed_fingers:


Ok, small update for you all!

We’ve added in the Exclude from spending toggle for Loan transactions. This should be live on iOS imminently, and will be in version 3.1.0 on Android :tada:

We’re going to find some time soon to look into the ‘Committed Spending’ in the summary - this is done from the back-end so hopefully won’t take long for you all to see it :slight_smile:


Any update on Loans as a committed spend? :pray:

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any update on this?