Option to exclude loan payments from spending summary

So I took out a small loan with Monzo to test it out and must say I’m happy with how clear everything is laid out and how simple it is to understand everything. As soon as I took out the loan I moved it to a pot along with the interest I would have to pay and then withdrew from it when I needed to make a payment.

For some reason though I wasn’t able to exclude the loan payments from showing in my spending summary.
I like to use the payment summary for tracking my daily spending and like to exclude any one-off purchases or recurring payments that I already have accounted, I generally already have the money for these saved in pots from payday.

Anyone else use spending summary this way or is it just me?

I agree this would be useful. I’d actually extend the concept to a much wider range of payments. If you shuffle money between accounts for money management purposes - for example, transfer it, and later in the month transfer it back, the way the summary currently works makes it difficult to understand what’s going on

Can you mark it as a schedule payment. This should add it to committed spending .

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The loan payments are all already marked as scheduled payments based on the length of the loan etc.