🔜 Loan as a commited spend

Also interested in an update, but for android. Thanks.

This is still missing from committed spend. For my committed spend NOT to include my commitment to Monzo for a loan is a pretty large product fault which seems to remain over 12 months on from Monzo launching loans. May I suggest someone from product actually does something about this??

@FlyingDutchman is this feature ever going to materialise? Android user hoping for some Christmas cheer.

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Any further update? I’ve tried the exclude from spending summary which obviously does just that but I’d really like to mark it as committed spend so it does show up in summary and my balance and remaining funds left after committed spend is accounted for…

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Is this really a two-year old request?

A solution looked imminent - then nothing :unamused:

Doesn’t look like @niamhpower is around any more…:flushed:

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@niamhpower is now at Cookpad_UK, according to her Twitter bio. Senior iOS engineer :raised_hands:

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Yet they still have their Monzo flare which is odd :thinking:

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Oh well, good luck to her, anyway :+1:

Doesn’t look like the ball has been picked up in the meantime…:unamused:

Come on Monzo, this is getting a bit silly now.

This is still an issue on Android… Bump… I guess?..:roll_eyes:

I submitted the OP, I’ve actually almost lost all faith in Monzo and might change to another bank.

Don’t look at any other feature request topics on here then whatever you do :rofl:

  • Requests don’t guarantee it will be done
  • Priorities change
  • Staff seemingly leave too

Threatening to leave won’t really make an ounce of difference either, so if you feel this strongly about it I’d personally start the search for a new bank now. They seem to be in no rush, it has been over 2 years…

I stumbled across the post searching for a solution :rofl: not going to drag up all the old ones don’t worry. This feels a pretty easy fix though… I mean really…

I do think that committed spending is one of the core features of Monzo, and making Monzo’s own products work with it should be kinda a priority. It’s weird that if you had a loan with a 3rd party, the payments you make would be part of committed spending, but not when you have a loan with Monzo who created the committed spending feature :man_shrugging: