Monzo loan isn’t marked as committed spending

Monzo loan does not register as committed spending, therefore the payment amount is displayed in spending and not committed spending section of the summery.

There doesn’t seem to be the option to mark as a repeating payment like on transactions

Details to reproduce:
Within summary screen, a monzo loan is displayed within spending not committed spending.
Transaction details screen does not provide the option to mark as a repeat payment.
iOS 15.6
iPhone 12 Pro Max
App Version:
4.41.0 841
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Has it already been paid within the current Summary/Trends cycle? If it has, it won’t show until the next Summary/Trends cycle begins.

Also, does it show in ‘Payments’>‘Scheduled’?

It has reported as expected on :android: for me in Trends/Summary since I started the loan.

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Indeed it’s showing under payments>scheduled correctly.

I’ve gone back quite a few months and it seems to be constantly showing it withn spending - I’ve tried changing the categories also but it doesn’t seem to have any affect