Lloyds offering bank accounts to homeless


There is a huge amount of homeless people in Manchester at the moment and think this is a real step forward to helping them get back into housing/financial support!

Be great to see how/Monzo implement anything similar how it would be completed without branches?

(Andy Hughes) #2

Is this not what’s happening here? https://monzo.com/blog/2018/06/01/getting-bank-account-no-fixed-address/

I haven’t read about how Lloyd’s are going about it, but Monzo’s approach seams like a good start. It’s really good to see that traditional banks are following suit on these jobs of things.

(Andy) #3

I thought most banks did this? CYB has offered accounts to homeless for ages as long as the person can be verified by a case worker or someone of authority and is staying in a hostel

(Nathan Steer) #4

Not really, since you still require the app to bank with Monzo, when was the last time you saw a homeless person with a smart phone?

That blog talks about how to set up a Monzo account for people who still have a home, just not at a fixed address. Such as a canal boat, or something like that.


And require photo ID currently :slight_smile:


I think this is the main barrier. Working with Crisis, a homeless charity, I was surprised to see a lot of people with Android smartphones but not many had a proper photo ID. They usually have some form of identification documents like from Job Centre or benefits claim papers but a photo ID is rare.
There is also another issue most had smartphones with much older operating systems. Monzo app just won’t work on those.

I hope Monzo will improve on their solution for people without a permanent address as part of their financial inclusion programme.

(Andy Hughes) #7

The majority of homeless patients that I see (I’m a nurse), do have smartphones actually. It’s surprising, but true!

The photo ID thing is tricky though. Can a CitizenCard be used for that, as I know they work with homeless charities, or does it have to be some sort of government issued ID?


With Monzo it currently has to be a government issued ID as it’s our only way to verify customers.

It would be something we need to address for sure to get a wider customer base on board.

(Leon) #9

Do you work for Crisis? I did a bit of volunteering for them working in the café and also working in reception. Good times. :+1:


I’ve volunteered with Crisis for past few years. I get about two and half weeks off over Christmas holidays so I just do few days there.

If anyone want/can please come along this year. London applications are open now for other cities soon.