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Can’t help but feel this is just word play.

Under the proposals, lower-tier customers would:

Face longer waiting times on the phone;
Be put through to a less experienced call handler when they do eventually get through;
Be less likely to be given a same-day branch appointment;
Be encouraged to use ‘self-serve’ solutions, such as apps, rather than telephoning or using a branch.

Then also goes on to say those who don’t have any borrowing with interest attached etc (overdrafts, loans, credit cards or mortgages) would be encouraged to use self serve options or wait a little longer.

What I see is detriment for those who are being charged interest and moral high ground to serve those who could be impacted by failure or difficulties opposed to someone else who wants to check their balance or order a statement.

Above, the less experienced call handler is also poor wordplay.

Someone on the online helpdesk wouldn’t need to know about setting up a plan for their overdraft or credit card, so essentially yes, they would be lower skilled but more niche.

Lloyds have been going through this change for some time now, it’s not a lower end service as such, more a focus on those who need it most.


I can only imagine all the frothing at the gash going on in the comments section.

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As much as I’d like to read the article, I just can’t dirty myself by going to that pond scum production :rofl: I’ll take @Carlo1460 notes as to what it’s implying.


Isn’t this just what HSBC Advanced used to be? A sort of pseudo-private banking service for “premium” customers who put their salary in etc.


I went it and it didn’t disappoint

I am not sure it was anything premium about it. It had different card, access to some better-rate products (advantage CC, and maybe different savings and mortgage rates), but it is a worse deal than i.e. Santander 123 account or Club Lloyd.

There were separate phone numbers, but as far as I could tell they still went to the same call agents.


From 1 April 23 Club Lloyds customers will need to pay in at least £2,000 (up from £1,500) each month to have the £3 monthly fee waived.


HSBC Premier?

No, the assertion of Advance was correct. It’s been degraded since it launched.

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Applies to HSBC overall.


I got a HSBC Advance account when they launched. Full of bells & whistles. Then over time, HSBC realised soemthing was very wrong with the Advance platform and stopped providing the whistles. It didn’t improve, so they stopped the bells too. By the time they had sliced and diced the account, it was more ‘HSBC FA’, as in, that’s what you got with it.

My account is still active for the FA lolz


I just had a letter saying my savings account’s interest rate is changing to 0.50%. How generous, thanks Lloyds!


That’s some inflation payrise they get at Lloyds!


To be fair, the CASS bonus has increased the same proportion.


Just too bad that most people’s salaries hasn’t.


You don’t have to pay the £2,000 in one go, as long as your total credits for the month are at least £2,000.

You can pay £1,000 in, withdraw it, then pay it in again. Or £500 four times etc.

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Just waiting for my credit card to arrive, needed a new one for a large purchase, so 17 months interest free on purchases will do me fine.

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£7 a week for something Monzo/Starling/Chase does for free? :flushed:


Lloyds must’ve lost the plot.

In comparison to this £7 a week, RBS Reward Silver for £10 a month (£5 effectively if you have 2 DDs) gives you fee-free spending abroad, plus mobile insurance, breakdown cover and European travel insurance.


But people will pay it. £7 isn’t worth the hassle of another bank account (for most people, who will also presume you have to pay elsewhere) so they tap, pay £7 and enjoy a holiday.

Easy money for Lloyds.